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How do we define good governance?

Good Governance is the reason why kapampangans were united for one cause.
This is the reason why kapampangans dreamt of a brighter future for our country
And for our children. It is sad to say that we have our own interpretation of good governance. Unfortunately, it is because of an entirely different understanding and interpretation that many are disappointed of How Among Ed implement his own
Principle of Good Governance.

In an open discussion with balikbayan relatives and friends, I have clearly observed
that their faith , hope and expectations for Governor Panlilio to succeed is quite high as compared to the many who live in Pampanga . Why is that? One possible reason is
that those people living abroad, specifically, in developed countries, have a wider perspective of good governance. OFWs and immigrants who are living in several rich countries abroad had themselves glimpses of good governance. With this, they have better standards of living, higher salary, promising healthcare and retirement benefits. They have great faith that Among Ed will succeed because he is quite focused and determined to absolutely apply true good governance in our Province of Pampanga .

When Among Governor Eddie Panlilio made a turn around in changing the old system of governance , such as the total abolition of all forms of corruption , SOPs, patronage politics and the like , many individual especially old politicians got madly infuriated . A lot of these traditional politicians were not supportive of Among Ed’s administration because their illegal income was eliminated. What is likewise alarming is the fact that their constituents also share the same sentiments.

It is lamentable that a big segment of our people as well as our politicians are not yet ready in this kind of process. Worse of all, corruption is like a cancer that affects the whole country. Corruption and bribery have become a way of life in our society. This is the main reason why our governor has a hard time in moving forward towards transforming our province into an ideal society under this noble crusade of good governance.

We have our Almighty GOD to thank that we have so far been successful in seating a governor without any political machinery, power and money. Despite our different affiliations, religious beliefs and status in life, God has kept us all united to overcome great obstacles and bring to fruition what had seemed to be the impossible dream.

In this time of adversity, we need to remain united in fighting for truth, justice and equality for all. Instead of finding fault in Among Ed or in his provincial administrator, why not ask ourselves on how we can help our province reclaim its glorious past, its cherished dignity, and enormous success and prosperity?

Every individual has his role and responsibility towards the success and completion of this noble mission. Bishop Pablo David has stated that the church is asking pardon from the Filipino people, especially the poor because for a long time, despite of massive corruption, illegal gambling and hardships, the church remained silent. This time, the church will now help and get involved to fight for the truth. Our Lord commands us to love and serve one another, including that of living for the truth. To be part of good governance is to expect nothing in return, none of any sort of reward. This is the essence of our mission in order to make ourselves more meaningful and our deeds like a pleasing aroma to God. Each one of us has been called to be part of this noble crusade for good governance. This is the best gift we can give to our children and our future generation. We can do no less but, rather, give our utmost for a truly bright future for our beloved Province of Pampanga .

GOD tremendously Bless Pampanga !

GOD Bless All Noble and Patriotic Capampangans !

GOD Bless our Pampanga Governor, Among Governor Eddie Panlilio !

Thanks to Joseroman Laquian for his ideas and contribution!

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