Thursday, August 28, 2008


KASAUP, Inc., the people’s organization representing 18 municipal grassroots organizations that are all based in Pampanga, is bothered by the continuing discord among the province’s political leaders, leading personalities, and even among civil society organizations. We have been doing a lot of consultations and evaluations with our own leaders and constituents. We have also asked our Lord’s guidance so we can arrive at a decision concerning two major discords.

On the move to RECALL Governor Panlilio: KASAUP firmly says NO!

Our people have been subjected to so much divisiveness and the RECALL will just add to it. The other more important basis of KASAUP’s stand on the RECALL is that there is no basis for such. Our energies can be diverted to a lot more pressing issues like the non-approval of the provincial board to its supplemental budget requests for the BALAS, the scholarship program, and other budgets necessary for the governor to serve our province better.

KASAUP is also rejecting the call of a very few people for Governor Panlilio to resign. We hope and pray for these people to ask themselves if what they say is really the desire of our KABALENS.

On this background, KASAUP enjoins all KAPAMPANGANs to focus very carefully on the issues and not on the personalities.

We call for UNITY and an immediate stop to all the discords. Let us all pause and hold actions and discussions on divisive issues and focus our attention on issues where we can all work together.

Let us continue to communicate. Let us open windows of opportunities when doors are closed when we disagree. Let us all treat each other with respect. Lastly, let us not allow our selfish motives to drag us into the pit of darkness while we allow our ever loving and forgiving GOD to continue guiding us.


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