Tuesday, August 12, 2008


KASAUP literally means HELPER.

KASAUP is an organization of volunteers to the advocacy of Good Governance and Responsible Citizenship in Pampanga. The core members of KASAUP are the municipal coordinators of Kapampangan Marangal, Inc. (KMI), a people's organization with the same advocacy. These municipal coordinators are also at the same time the leaders of the civil society organizations in their respective municipalities.

These municipal coordinators are basically the people who volunteered as the municipal coordinators during the campaign of Among Ed Panlilio for Governor of Pampanga in the May 14, 2007 Elections. They continue their advocacy by volunteering as the partner of the provincial government and creating the direct link of the governor to the people of Pampanga as a member of the responsible citizenry.

KASAUP was organized to constructively assert the role of civil society in good governance and responsible citizenship. It will pursue a direct link with the provincial government in the pursuit of its advocacy. Its member municipal coordinators will continue to coordinate with KMI.


To be a recognized major player in the pursuit of good governance and responsible citizenship in Pampanga.


To create a direct, sustainable and constructive link between the provincial government and the people of Pampanga by direct participation in the planning, implementation and monitoring of the plans and programs of the provincial government.


1. To create a direct link between the people of Pampanga and the provincial government.
2. To empower the citizenry by providing a mechanism where their concerns, ideas for good governance can be directly forwarded to the provincial government.
3. To empower the citizenry by providing a visible link for the provincial government in ensuring that its plans and programs are implemented correctly by allowing the former to be a part of the planning and monitoring process.


All current municipal coordinators who are willing to join KASAUP will form the core membership of the organization.

A committee on membership shall be created to plan and implement the membership program for KASAUP. This committee will also determine the organizational structure of KASAUP including the ways and means of determining who shall the comprise the members of the organizational structure. This structure will then operationalize the plans and programs of KASAUP.

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