Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kaya Natin! Statement on the Movement to Recall Gov. Eddie Panlilio (Pampanga)

We, the founding members of Kaya Natin! A Movement for Genuine Change and Ethical Leadership strongly condemn the move to recall Governor Eddie Panlilio of Pampanga.
We believe that this attempt to recall him is politically motivated and would only serve to benefit the vested interests of a few politicians in Pampanga.

While we are aware that there are escalating problems in Pampanga such as the continuing conflict between Gov. Panlilio and the Provincial Board, the unresolved issue on the striking BALAS Quarry Workers and the numerous calls for the resignation of the current Provincial Administrator, among others, we believe that a genuine effort to resolve them will be more beneficial to the Kapampangans than a political exercise the will further polarize and divide the community. We also recognize that there are members of the civil society, church groups, business organizations and supporters of Gov. Panlilio that have expressed disappointment with his performance during the past year. Thus, while we continue to support Gov. Panlilio's crusade to promote good governance in his province, we also believe that he should listen to the voices of these groups and work at immediately addressing and resolving these growing concerns in order for him to become a more effective governor.

As current local government leaders, we believe that all these issues also stem from the fact that this is Gov. Panlilio's first term as governor of one of the largest provinces in the country and thus, these problems can also be attributed as part of his learning process. We also believe that these tensions also arise as a result of the changes and reforms being implemented in the province. Yet, we also recognize that these should not be used as an excuse if and when basic services are not able to be delivered to the people of Pampanga.

In light of all these, we urge the people of Pampanga not to support the recall initiative. We ask the Kapampangans to give Gov. Panlilio a chance to fully serve his term and to continue the reforms that he has began. Moreover, we ask all Kapampangans to be patient with Gov. Panlilio because we believe that despite the current situation, he is at the moment still the best person who can govern the province in an effective and ethical manner. Should there be a need, the members of Kaya Natin are willing to help organize and/or facilitate a dialogue between Gov. Panlilio and disgruntled members of the civil society, business groups, people's organizations and his former supporters in Pampanga.

Finally, we sincerely hope that this movement to recall Gov. Panlilio will be put to rest at the soonest possible time so that we can unite towards working for a better Pampanga and ultimately, a better Philippines.

(Sgd.) HON. GRACE M. PADACA, Gov. of Isabela Province

(Sgd.) HON. JESSE M. ROBREDO, Mayor of Naga City

(Sgd.) HON. TEDDY BAGUILAT, JR., Gov. of Ifugao Province

(Sgd.) HON. SONIA LORENZO, Mayor of San Isidro, Nueva Ecija

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