Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cory's Examples

by Red M. Reyes

Cory's Examples tell us that there is still a bright
future for our country.

Many Filipinos were touched on President Corazon Aquino's
last interview when she said “She is proud to be a Filipino
and she thank God for making her become one of us.”

More than an ICON of Democracy, Cory led the country
with selfless love and sincerity in serving. While holding
the highest office of the land, she could have made
herself far richer like many traditional and corrupt politicians
and held on to power. BUT she chose to live simply,
with not a single moment of entertaining the idea of
enriching herself with money and influence.

Cory Aquino was, before she became president,
an ordinary housewife. But above all, she was a widowed
mother, living in a home wherein her time, love and devotion
to all her children cannot be compromised. However,
the Call of Country was Over and Above and Far Stronger
than the call of her own family. She, therefore,
offered herself, sacrificing much of her time to be with her
family, and chose to lead us so that we can once again obtain
what our hearts have long been yearning for, our much
cherished Dream of Freedom and Democracy.

Her courage and integrity made her loved by the Filipinos,
together with an Undying Gratitude to her for being
Instrumental for the Restoration of this same freedom
and Democracy, which we now enjoy.

One of the most distinct qualities of President Cory is
her religiousity and prayerful life. Every minute,
every hour and everytime she will ride her car, she prays.
One of her long time driver and security once shared that
whenever they are with Tita Cory, they feel safe and
secure because they have a woman of prayer with them.

Today, our country is deeply hurt by many politicians and
leaders who continuously enrich themselves by stealing
from the national coffer ( the people’s money ). They
spend much of their time and efforts on how to amass
greater wealth, more than the due service for the Filipino people.
Worse is, and because of their greed and lust for power,
they do not want anymore to come down from their lofty

Many say that the Philippines has no more future
because the corruption in our country is like a cancer
that has spread everywhere. Unlike Cory, we forgot to
Call on God persistently for hope, humility and change of heart.

Good leaders do not want to run for position anymore
because they know that they will not win the election due
to the fact that they do not spend money to influence or
pay for our votes. We ordinary people have become
part of this corruption culture.

With Cory’s death, we are awaken and called to be
united again, To Fight for Truth, Freedom and Justice.
We can only do this If we all Once Again, Turn and Humble
ourselves before our Loving God and Father in Heaven
Who alone Can Create a Clean and Pure Heart within
ourselves. Let us learn from the examples of Cory, just as
she learned the Good Lessons from our Almighty and Loving
God , to Love and Serve our People and Country First, before
ourselves. From hereon, we shall be able to confidently
face the challenges of our times as well as rid our beloved
country, once and for all , of greedy, self-serving and abusive
officials and politicians .

Like Cory, we all should avail of the power of prayer. We all
need to be People of Prayer, in order to triumph and
succeed in our Battle and Crusade for Good Governance.
Our Almighty God and Father in Heaven Is the Sovereign
Lord of Heaven and earth , of the Universe in its entirety.
We must NOTForget that IF GOD is with us, no one,
not even all the combined forces of evil in the whole universe,
can be against us.

Cory’s Examples Pave the Way towards the Realization of the
Filipino Dream. In return, and as a Sign of their Eternal
Gratitude, Deep Love and Respect to her, millions of
Filipinos, young and old, rich or poor, civilians,
the religious and different denominations, the military, and
people from different walks of life throughout our nation,
trooped and gathered together at Cory's funeral.

Let us all Long Remember...and Never Forget... that
our Beloved President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino,
through her Life Lived in Humility and Submission
To the Perfect Will of Almighty God, as well as
by her Good and Shining Examples, Clearly Opened
our Eyes To the Reality that There is, Still, a
Bright Future for the Philippines and for All Filipinos.
And it is now up to each and everyone of us Filipinos,
Even at the Expense of our very Lives, To Safeguard
and Cherished Cory's Legacy of Sweet Freedom and
Democracy , for us, our children, and our future
generations , to live and enjoy.

And so, from the very heart of a Grateful Nation,
we say :
Fare thee well and God rest thee, Tita Cory!
We love you, we thank you, and shall Truly Miss You
For As Long as We Live, BUT we are Happy, knowing
that now you are with your Beloved Ninoy and in the
Bosom of our Loving God and Father in heaven.


Anonymous said...

Congressman Rufus Rodriguez is seeking re-election in his district of CDO, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines and a situation has been brought to our attention that we want to inform him of.

Rufus Rodriguez owns a rental property in CDO that he rents out to a American expatriot of questionable agendas, records and past. I highly doubt Mr. Rodriguez knows of the kind of people his house is harboring so have decided to inform both him and the internet community in hopes of enlightening the situation during this campaigning period.

The American national currently residing in the house is one Gordon Elletson who goes by Gordy and posts on many internet forums using the name TexKano. Gordon Elletson is of a deffective mental state and is a admitted child abuser and basher of the Filipino populace. Please see link below of how Gordy Elletson , using his TexKano nic, admitted to hitting Xavier Madlangbayan with a cane and then proceeding to call the boys grandfather, Dr. Severino Madlangbayan, (who is seeking a city council seat in Iligan City) a banana eating monkey. Is this kind of elitest American truly the sort of expatriot that a elected Congressman wants to be connected to? Well Gordon Elletson seems to think the congressman loves him and will washover any mess he gets himself into. I find it hard to believe a elected congressman will forsake his constituents , who elected him, in a effort to protect a abusive foreign national.

The second expatriot, now deceased, is one Randall Chester Goings who goes by Bubba and posted on net under nic Bubbabobbaker. This fellow had a lengthy criminal record which included multiple drug charges. Randall Goings was brought to the Philippines by Gordon Elletson where he lived , together with Gordy, in the proprty owned by Congressman Rufus Rodriguez of CDO, Cagayan de Oro. This property is located on 69 bong bongon street CDO and even before Randall Goings moved to such property he was allready posting perverted things all over the internet. One example of his perversions took place on a internet dating site where he searched for a 4' tall bi-sexual and stated in his ad "the smaller you are the more I will love you". Evan smaller than 4'? Yikes, Was he looking for a dwarf or a underaged girl?

Anyway, I hope this message reaches Congressman Rodriguez and he can see below link for proofs regarding the accutations of the kind of expatriot he is harboring and who states the Congressman is protecting him. I feel the congressman has the right to know the facts in below link.


Anonymous said...

This email is interesting as it contains a header and in it Gordon " TexKano " Elletson , the child abuser of CDO Philippines, outrightly admits to bathing with small children in the Philippines.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: TexKano
Date: Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 6:34 PM
Subject: Re: My shit’s fucked up
To: Mike Roy

Been there, done that.
That shift changing is fuckin’ up your sleep habits.
Fucked up sleep habits lead to depression.

Depression, (if you had it before the sleep pattern was messed up) is nothing to screw with.
Damn near killed me.

Take walks
Eat and drink right.
Try some chocolate once a week or so (sometimes that helps)

We know you’re there. Stay in the back if you prefer. It’s okay.

Yep, a group that on normal situations, would never happen. hahahahahaha

You take care. Write me now and then if nothing else.
I’m always here.

oooops, lil girl just said “Tito Gordy, lets take a bath”
she been doing that everyday all month

she washes my legs and my back
I get to wash her hair.

gordy dos 17dec07
My Web-page
http://gahig-ulo.com/ – NEW PAGES 15Apr09

Anonymous said...

I have something sinister to present which involves a British pimp named Michael Mountstephen who openly admits that he has political protection from various politicians in CDO Philippines.

This is an election period and while I am not affiliated with any candidate my hope is to enlighten the voting populace as to these disgusting issues taking place in Cagayan de Oro City. I find it disturbing that these sickening things occur in CDO and hope truly that the politicians of that locality will address these issues as they without doubt are important to the constituents of this city.

Please see link for the pimps confession regarding buying protection from politicians in Cagayan de Oro Philippines so that he may engage in human trafficking and white slavery with absolute impunity to Philippine law.

If this pimp is lying and slandering the good politicians of CDO then he should face charges for his actions.


Anonymous said...

Now Mrs. Daisy Cline of Cagayan de Oro Philippines has stated on another forum that she holds charity events in brothels because that's where her husband, Alan Cline, can be found. I want to address her statements.

Daisy Cline in the photos your husband, Alan Cline, looks very old so I can only guess that you are not his first wife. I also do not know what he has told you about American life but rest assured most men in America , except the type you see on Jerry Springer show, do not bring their wives to brothels like the one seen in link below.


I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you did decide to hold charity functions in a brothel because it is the only place you could do it and have your husband included. However, I must ask if you do not condone pimping then why is your name connected all over the Internet to pimps, criminals and brothels?

I mean you are a moderator of site in link below


Which is linked to sites below


And owned by the person in links below


Mrs Daisy Cline, Do you expect as to believe these are mere coincidences? Did your father take your mother to brothels? Did your lolo take your lola? I ask as I am interested in why a lady of God and Charity is so connected to seedy persons. Do you not see the harm in supporting the very pimps who are profiting through exploiting the people you state you wish to help? Or are you there trying to bring the prostitutes to Christ?

Bradley Hughes said...

My name is Bradley Hughes. Someone is using my name to make post on many blogs about Congressman Rodriquez. I have discovered who this person is. Some blogs show an IP address. I compared this with mail I was receiving from one I thought a friend, they matched. What a sad discovery to make. Just Google, "Gordon Elletson, Philippines" or "Bradley Hughes, Philippines" and you will see listed of comments. This started as a disagreement between to friends and has turned to an ugly all out vendetta by one. Many post use my name to make statements about Congressman Rodriquez. Others use the name TexAss, Mike54, Mike, Mike 2x, Jimbo777, the list goes on. All direct the reader to: http://sexpatswallofshame.blogspot.com/2009/0... . The vendetta is against Gordon Elletson and has turned to include Spooks, the Department of Tourism, and others. If someone wants to discredit another that is none of my business until my name starts being used. Getting these post taken down is a real problem and many I cannot.
I will meet with Congressman Rodriqyuez next week. I have already hand delivered by hand a letter to his office. My question is this, what should I do about all these illegal post and the illegal use of my name? I live in the Philippines, the one stealing my name in the USA. What legally can I do? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
Hope you never have your name stolen to make statements about another.

Anonymous said...

A special page has been made on the SEXPAT BLOG as a tribute to Bradley Hughes who resides in Cagayan De Oro Philippines.

Bradley Hughes has gone far and beyond the call of duty in exposing Gordon Elletson, Michael Mountstephen ( Spooks whorehouse owner )and etc.

Bradley Hughes even came up with the brilliant idea of linking Congressman Rufus Rodriguez , of 2cd District CDO , to the SEXPATS that his home is harboring.

Bradley Hughes has been a extreme help to the advocacy and for his cooperation and good deeds the Sexpat blog owner has decided to dedicate a entire page to the bravery which defines Bradley Hughes .



Anonymous said...

As if the situation with Gordon Elletson and Rufus Rodriguez wasn't enough we now have a Cagayan de Oro based Hubo-Hubo bar owner (a pimp) by the name of Michael Mountstephen stating in no uncertain terms that he has political protection in Cagayan de Oro.

I wonder what the price of impunity is in CDO? Who knows but this Hubo-Hubo bar owner states its cheaper than in Cebu and goes on to state the Mayor and a News Paper editor are amongst his protectors.

Please see below link for direct quotes regarding the statements this expatriate is making.


Anonymous said...

Alang Sa Kasayuran Sa Tanan,

Niabot sa akong panimoot nga kadaghanan sa mga dumodoong sa Cagayan de Oro, nagakinabuhi nga murag sila dili mga dayo. Ingon sa mga dumodoong, ang mga opesyal daw ang naggahin kanila ug tungod para magpuyo nga hapsay sa Cagayan de Oro. Akong ginalauman nga ang mga pulong nga gibuhian sa mga dayo, dili tinood, kay kung mao man, masuko gayud ako sa mga nidaog nga opisyal sa pag-atiman nila niining mga dumodoong. Tinood kaha ang ilang gipanayon? Kung dili man kini tinood, akong ginahangyo sa mga opisyal sa lugar nga pangitaon ug pahawaon kining mga tawhanan sa dakbayan sa Cagayan de Oro. Kung walay kalihokan nga mahitabo sukwahi sa mga dumodoong, kini nagpamatood lang nga ginapaburan sa mga taong naa sa posisyon ang ilang mga kalihukan.

Ang unang dumodoong nga gikan sa Amerika ginganlan ug Gordon B. Elletson. Si Gordon Elletson nag-angkon nga siya nagapang-abuso ug mga dalaga ug nag-angkon nga siya naay sakit sa paghunahuna. Dilikado kaayo kini nga tao sa mga nagapuyo sa Cagayan de Oro. Niaging tuig, si Gordon Elletson ang niatake sa isa ka batang lalaki nga ginganlan ug Xavier Madlangbayan sa outreach program sa US Embassy didto sa Pryce Plaza Hotel, cagayan de Oro. Tungod niini, gikasuhan si Gordo sa pag-abusar, apan kini wala makapungong sa iyang pag-gawas ug pag-uli, apil pa ang pagpakalat mahitungod sa iyang trabaho kadungan sa pagtawag sa lolo sa bata nga si Dr. Severino Madlangbayan ug unggoy nga gakaon ug saging. Gidimanda sa pamilya ni Madkangbayan ang dayo apan wala sila makapakita ug ebidensiya. Sa akong nahibaloan, nagapangita ang doktor ug paagi para maabrihan pag usab ang kaso. Wala pa nakuntinto si Gordon elletson, iyang gipakalat ang mga hulagway sa mga batang babae nga nakasuot lamang ug bra, uban pa ang mahitungod sa iyang pagkaligo kauban ang mga batang babae ug ginabayaran kini niya matag adlaw. Makalagot kaayo kini nga balita labi pa kay sa ginaingon ni Gordon nga gina-proteksiyonan siya ni Congressman Rufus Rodriguez gikan sa ikaduhang distrito sa Cagayan de Oro.

Ang ikaduha nga dumodoong gikan sa Bretanya nga ginganlan ug Michael Mountstephen. Iyang gihugawan ang maayong pangalan sa Cagayan de Oro. Ang dumodoong nanag-iya ug isa ka kasa nga ang pangita mao ang pagpamaligya sa mga batang babae sa Cagayan de Oro. Ang dautang dumodoong nabuhi sa iyang pag-abusar sa mga babae ug kini iyang giangkon sa mga pag-tipon tipon sa internet. Gawas sa pag-gamit sa mga batang babae para maka kuwarta, gigamit pud niya ang Department of Tourism sa Pilipinas para mabaligya ang ilang mga serbisyo sa www.spooks.com. Gisulatan namo ang direktor sa DOT 10 pimaagi sa e-mail nga nagkanayon mahitungod sa mao nga kasa nga dili rehistrado sa DOT 10 ug bisan kanus-a dili mahitabo nga marehistro kini. Apan, padayon gihapon sa pagpakalat si Michael Mountdtephen mahitungod sa iyang binuhatan. Ang nakadugang gubot pa niini ang pangsulti ni Michael nga ang mayor sa ciudad ug uban pang naa sa posisyon ang magkauban nga naga suporta kaniya sa Cagayan de Oro City.

Tinood kaha ang ginakanayon niiining mga dumodoong? Ang gahum ba nga gihatag sa katawhan para mahimutang sa maayo nga posisyon ang ubang pulitiko gigamit lang niya para suportahan ang pagpang-abuso sa mga batan-on, pagsuportan sa mga dautang tao gikan sa gawas sa nasud? Akong ginalaoman nga kini dili tinood ug mao man kini mahimong hamon sa mga naa sa lingkuranan nga mahatagan ug pagtagad. Pinaagi niini, maipakita sa katawhan nga ang mga sama anang butanga dili kinahanglan mahitabo sa ciudad. Kini isa lang ka panawagan ug hinaot nga mahatagan kini ug pagtagad sa labing madali nga panahon para atong makita ang hustisya.

Para sa dugang pang mga detalye mahitungod niining mga dumodoong, mahimo ninyong makita ang mga ebidensiya nga natigom sa http://sexpatswallofshame.blogspot.com/. Dinhi inyong masaksihan ang kadautan nga among gipangbutyag ug hinaot nga kini mahatagan ug pagtagad.



Anonymous said...

Gordon Elletson makes it sound as though he is a innocent citizen, sober since 1991 and a non-abusive person.

Truth is he was drunk there in CDO and called Bradley Hughes to help him. Also, Gordy Elletson has a long history a abusing both women as well as children !!!!! For evidence of this abuse just look at what his biological son Chad Elletson had to say on his FACEBOOK account in link below.


We already have contact with Chad, who seems to be a nice man, and it seems Gordon not only abused him but also his mother. I think history has repeated itself in Cagayan de Oro Philippines as Gordons self caught up with him in CDO.

philippines expat said...

So far we had to deal with pedophiles and all lowlife sexpats and sex tourists living in the Philippines, now we have sociopaths that joined them for the "party"
Take a look below,,,You'll be chocked


Philippine Expat said...

To bad you do not moderate your blog better. So many of the post are by fake names and refer the reader to this sexpat blob. A blog that is almost gone due to stolen copy write, lies and slander. Nobody wants to read this trash. Please take it down.