Thursday, August 13, 2009

May Cory's Spirit Live In Us and in Our Country . . Forever !

by Red M. Reyes

As I watched the funeral of our dear President Cory Aquino, my heart and my chest felt like bursting, seeing millions of Filipinos out in the streets pay their last respect to her. I am very sure also that millions of people around the world watched this memorable event on television in the comfort of their homes. This, to me, is an emotion-filled and touching funeral that I have witnessed in my life.

Tita Cory , as most of our younger generation fondly call her, is not a rock star like Michael Jackson but a simple housewife who had the heart of genuine love and willing sacrifice for the Filipino people. She willingly offered her life for the restoration of our freedom and democracy. She is a woman of courage, and her deep and abiding faith in the Almighty made her a true servant of God Most High as well as the Filipino people.

In the annals of its very rich and colourful history , the Philippines has added in its long lists of great men and women , heroes all , a husband and wife team : Ninoy and and his wife Cory. And perhaps it may again take decades for someone to, again, die for us, to clearly remind us of the great value of our freedom, justice and equality for all, while our beloved country is continuously used, raped and abused by a few people in power.

Today, we are all Standing at the very Threshold of a Great and Noble Change. It seeks to illumine , and even to vigorously shake and wake each one of us from a deep and heavy slumber in the bed of indifference and apathy , challenging every one of us to Stand Up and Be Counted , to Fight for Truth , Equality and Justice For All ! NOW Is Our Shining Moment Where We All Have To Make a Stand --- To Be United In, Once and For All , Put a STOP To Crooks and Traditional Politicians , to their Greed , their Graft and Corruption in Government !

Today we Call Upon our So-called Leaders to Open Up their mind and hearts to follow President Cory's Examples of Deep, Sincere and unselfish Love for all Filipinos, and to forsake their self-serving love and selfish interests! During her term as President of the Philippines, Cory has shown herself as a Role Model of a true public Servant, Devoid of All Selfish Interest and Self-Glory. And likewise, Cory has shown a great example when she willingly handed over the reins of the Presidency to her successor at the end of her term.

Today, as we remember Cory’s dream of building a Moral Leadership and Good Governance in our country, we can do our share in making this a Glorious Reality by ---

Getting involved and participating in the election of moral leaders in the year 2010. Evil will gain victory if men of goodwill will remain silent. Our Right to Vote is the most powerful gift that Cory has given us when she rose and led in liberating us from martial law rule and dictatorship. We must remember that no matter how small we may be , if we keep ourselves united towards choosing good and moral leaders, our votes will be more powerful than money and guns ;

2. Praying with Faith to Almighty God. Prayer Power is More Powerful than People Power.
Where People Power Fails, Prayer Power Takes Over and Triumphs! The continuous prayer
of faith by Tita Cory and of like-minded people, deeply touched the Fatherheart of God to
gather all Filipinos into Positive Action, to become United, Confront and Dismantle the
Tentacles of Dictatorship and One-Man Rule, and Ultimately regain Freedom and Restore
Democracy in the Philippines ; and

3. Following Cory's Dream of Putting the Filipino People First before herself. Her Unselfish
Love Inspired people to Serve Others before themselves.

May Cory's Spirit Live In Us and in Our Country . . . Forever !

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