Monday, March 23, 2009

No Support For Among Ed! When Did You?


Several Mayors from the Province of Pampanga, Board Members & Vice Governor Yeng Guiao told the media recently that they will not support Gov. Eddie Panlilio incase he runs for President of the Republic in 2010. What's New? When did these brilliant so called LEADERS of the province support the Governor? When did these so called PUBLIC SERVANTS appreciate the good things that Gov. Ed has done for the Cabalens? HOW DARE YOU SPEAK THAT WAY FOR YOUR FELLOW KABALEN! Are you showing the Filipino people that you are the only ones working and concerned for the benefit of the common good. That the incumbent Governor does not know what he's doing, that he should just return to priesthood and leave the Capitol so that you can have a feast. Filipinos are not STUPID! I suggest you guys to do what the people of Pampanga expect, do what you promised them during the campaign last 2007. WORK! BE GOOD LEADERS! BE TRANSPARENT! STOP MAKING NEGATIVE ISSUES! NOT BE BROADWAY ACTORS AND ARTISTS! THIS IS NOT A TALENT SEARCH FOR NEW ACTORS!

I feel so ashamed whenever people ask me about the current situation in Pampanga and Im ashamed that I am a Kapampangan. There's nothing to be proud of!!! BUT!!!! Thanks for the Arti Sta Rita and Ima Arti! Because of them, the shameful acts of our LEADERS in Pampanga were set aside even for just a short period of time.

Our great leaders told the media that the QUARRY COLLECTION has decreased! WHO'S TO BLAME? PANLILIO AGAIN? ARE THEY NOT PART OF THE PROVINCIAL CAPITOL? Did they do something about it? Did they act on it? Hmmm..... I dare the media to ask these SANGGUNIANG PANLALAWIGAN of Pampanga if they have alloted budget for this department. The Quarry Department did what they have to do eventhough they exists like ghosts in the Provincial Capitol.

Tourism is not doing good in Pampanga as well.... Do you want to know why? Again! I dare the media to inquire to the GREAT LEADERS OF THE SANGGUNIANG PANLALAWIGAN if the Department of Tourism has alloted budget for the year 2009 and how much.

I've been consistently telling you to ask the S.P if the departments that i have mentioned have alloted budget because these will answer all our questions and their reply will provide us light to the truth.

The biggest dare that i may ask from you is to ask the S.P and the mayors of my beloved province PAMPANGA about their job descriptions. The head of the province is more an implementor than a policy making body. WHO'S THE POLICY MAKING BODY? WHO APPROVES BUDGETS? The head of the province cannot implement projects for the poorest of the poor kapampangans unless the PROVINCIAL BOARD approves it. The provincial head can give orders to the Mayors to implement E.O's but it doesnt mean that whenever he tells them to act or support on such that they will definitely act on it. Its a FACT!

For a better Pampanga, it is important for these leaders to be united. Stop politicizing! Be what the people have trusted you to be! Set aside whatever issues these people might have and concentrate on providing services for the Kapampangans. Reminder to these SO CALLED LEADERS, the eyes of the people of Pampanga are monitoring you. 2010 ELECTIONS is just around the corner, if you have dreams of retaining you positions or aiming for higher positions, DO WHAT THE PEOPLE EXPECT FROM YOU! WORK! BE SENSITIVE FOR THE NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE! CONCENTRATE ON SERVICES AND NOT ON SHOWBIZ! You are EMPLOYEES of the People of Pampanga! You work for them and not the other way around.

I cannot blame these SO CALLED YOU KNOW if they do not wish support their fellow Kapampangan in the coming Presidential Elections, it is their belief and decision but for me it is nothing NEW! If they did not support him as a Governor then why support him as a Presidentiable? Nothing NEW...............

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