Tuesday, March 17, 2009

MISSING THE ACTION by: Kiko Ortelano

Missing the Action.

KASAUP is a group of dedicated municipal based organizations with people who wants to be catalysts of change in Pampanga. Change in the politics of patronage. Change in the corrupt practices in governance. Change in the hearts and minds of the people.
KASAUP is aware of this daunting task. It will persevere because it believes in its advocacy.
The daunting task is made difficult by a lot of factors. We are able to hurdle the difficult tasks by maintaining focus; by being consistent; by supporting each other within.
It is during these times when we miss the presence of our venerable SUPREMO; Tang Vic Martin, Sr. It is also during these times when we realize that Tang Vic never left us and will always guide us. His influence on all of us he left at KASAUP have been one of most important tools for discernment. We will always miss our IDOL; but he will also always be with us.
We also miss our sister-in-arms Vicky who had to move to another country. She who was always there to support the group. She who was always one of those who would provide the nourishment of food and drinks everytime we meet. She who would always work on the sidelines
to avoid being confrontational. She who always gets out of her way to please everybody without compromising her conviction. We hope Vicky can get back home soon.
We basically have heard the side of the Provincial Administrator and the side of Mayor Oca and City Administration Caylao on the allegation of illegal quarrying by the city government of San Fernando.
We do not intend to discuss the legal merits of the case. We will leave that to the lawyers.
We would like to comment on how it can be better managed next time.
Everybody knows the support that mayor Oca has given to Among Gov despite everyone else's persecution of the latter. We are not suggesting that the gov should look the other way when an issue involves the city mayor of the city of San Fernando. We would like to suggest however that all other means of persuasions short of what was done by the PA should be made when similar situations occur in the future. Perhaps, emmissaries can be tapped to avoid a repeat of the misunderstanding between the PA and the city government. Perhaps the PA herself can exert more personal efforts in similar situations. Perhaps the PA can ask other people for suggestions. If all of these fails, then the gov and the city mayor can sit down and thresh this out by themselves without the issuance of official letters.
If all of the above fails, then perhaps, the letter may do. If it still does not, then sue the city government.
Obviously it will never be good to antagonize people spcially your friends even when you feel and think that they have antagonized you (we are not suggesting that the PA was antagonized here but the city government is). You do not fight fire with fire. And when the response is that which is sensitive, practical, accomodating (without being illegal), and respectful, it solidify relationships. You may not win more friends, but it will be enough to win respect.

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