Thursday, March 12, 2009

MISSING THE ACTION by: Kiko Ortelano


We are not referring to a brand of a processed meat. We are also not referring to a popular chain store in the United States.
Among Ed Panlilio is the TARGET!
We are aware of this from the very start of his term as governor of Pampanga. The initial strategy was to destroy all the people around the gov so that in the end, it will be the governor who will really take the heat. Even to his nemesis in the the province, it was obvious that the gov was a difficult direct target as he was really a clean politician. All sorts of things were done just to ensure his defeat in the electoral exercise and yet he still won.
Then the gov made a "mortal political sin"! He exposed the payola in Malacanang! The political malpractices that pervades the country was exposed by the gov of the president's own home province! What was worse is that it showed the people that such malpractices are being hatched and propagated by the highest officials of our land!
Political Operators know that the quarry operations is the most obvious and tangible achievement of the gov so far. This is the real reason why the PB and the mayors will never cooperate with the gov on the continuing succes of BALAS and all his other laudable projects. This is the very reason why the PB is really firm on its intent to continue producing legislative measures to curtail the powers of the gov on the quarry operations. The PB is doing this even to the extent that the BALAS operations will fail to the detriment of the province. It does not matter that the quarry operations of the province was recognized and awarded by GALING POOK with no less than the president giving the award in Malacanang!
The issue on JUETENG is another one. The lies that the Secretary of the DILG and PNP Regional Director for Central Luzon has kept on barbling in public shows their futile attempt to justify their inaction and obvious conspiracy to protect JUETENG. They can not fool us! We see everyday around our neighborhood the operations of jueteng. We see how the local executives from the Municipal to the barangay levels, including the police, ignore jueteng operations. We are also aware of the payolas that these local executives receive from jueteng down to the barangay officials. They may deny these in public forum specially in their interaction with media. They may fool some people sometimes specially those who do not discern lies from truth. BUT WE THE PEOPLE KNOW.
It is good that the president ordered the PNP to stop to all illegal gamblings. But if the PNP under the DILG leadership were doing their job, it is absolutely unnecessary for the president to issue such order. Motto Propio, the DILG and the PNP should have eradicated jueteng as it is illegal and it is their mandate to stop illegal activities wether there are complaints or none.
It is also very well that Archbishop Aniceto and Auxilliary Bishop David made public their acknowledgement that there is jueteng in the province and that government officials should really put a stop to it. NOW LET US SEE HOW SECRETARY PUNO OF THE DILG REFUTE THE SATEMENTS OF THE TWO PRINCES OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN PAMPANGA.
Every one of us should support the gov in his crusade for Good Governance. Everyone of us who hope for a better Pampanga should share in the burden of transforming not just Pampanga but the whole country into the path of RIGHTEOUS LEADERSHIP. We all can share in our own little way. We can include our leaders in our daily prayers. We can start inside our homes by educating ourselves together with all the members of our family about the necessity of Good Governance in our midst. We can help by sorting, recycling, and composting our garbage. We can help by not betting on jueteng. We can help by reaching out to our neighbors so they too can advocate Good Governance. WE CAN HELP!

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