Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MISSING THE ACTION by: Kiko Ortelano


I am trying to understand what the detractors of Among Ed are doing.
I understand how difficult it is to lose to a neophyte. I also understand how difficult it is even more to accept defeat when you use all the Guns, Goons, and Golds to somebody who did not have any of these three Gs. Among Ed have his own 3Gs; God's Love, God's Blessing, and God's children in Pampanga.
These sore losers continue to harass the governor. They have unleashed an army of propagandist to destroy Among Ed. From the Recount, to Recall, to Requiem, and the non-stop mudslinging. The audacity to lie continuously to the people just so they could discredit the governor. They must have read the story of Goebbel; Hitler's PR man. He said during Hitler's reign that if you repeat a lie continuously, people wil later on believe it to be true. However, they fail to realize that after the fall of Hitler, all the lies that they propagated were as exposed as they truly are, LIES!
We must never forget the power of our LORD. He may sometimes allow some of us to get away from his wrath for doing the wrong things, but in the end, whatever we do, it will catch up on us.
These detractors of Among Ed have been telling people how bad Among Ed's administration is.
They talk as if they are experts. but please pray tell, what is their expertise?
Can Vice Governor Guiao tell us that he is a better government official than Among Ed? He has been calling the shots at the SP for almost 5 years now starting during the term of Mark Lapid. He openly opposed Mark during the last local and national elections. He claimed that he can not swallow anymore the corruption in quarrying that the Lapids perpetuated in Pampanga. We laud his position on this.
HOW COME HE DID NOT "CONTROL" MARK LAPID'S BUDGET THE SAME WAY THEY ARE DOING IT NOW TO AMONG ED? An objective observer will surely understand that what Guiao and the whole SP is doing is not really controlling but persecuting the governor for the latter's refusal to toe the line in accordance to the old political system of "everybody happy!"
The other night, Guiao spoke on TV about supporting a fellow kapampangan running for the country's presidency. He said that to be a fellow kapampangan must not be the sole reason for extending support.
However, his statement is obviously another instance of him taking an opportunity to discredit Among Ed. I am so sure of this as demonstrated by him leading all Pampanga politicians in declaring their undying support to PGMA.
What is wrong with this you may ask?
Well, it just so happened that PGMA is now touted to be the most corrupt president our country have ever had! One catholic bishop even publicly stated that the current conjugal occupants of Malacanang is truly even worse than the infamous conjugal dictatorship of th Marcoses! She has brought shame not only to her father's name but the whole proud Kapampangan race!
This simply shows the inconsistency of Guiao. He can turn the other cheek when it involves PGMA and yet throws everything at Among Ed even if the latter is never involved in corruption.
All they charge the governor is incompetence. Are these detractors the competent ones? Rosve Henson could not even make his gubernatiorial candidate win with all their 3Gs against the neophyte and pennyless Panlilio. Yeng Guiao also can not go beyond their gubernatorial candidate's loss to Panlilio. He uses every instance to discredit the governor to the extent of distorting facts. He can not even go beyond their humiliating loss by not allowing the the budget requirement of BALAS to be approved by the SP.
The Vice Gov and the whole SP can talk all they want. But we know that the welfare of our Kabalens has taken a backseat to their Panlilio bashing. The Kapampangans will not forget the seacts of treason they are doing to the poor of our province.
We were all surprised by Among Ed's statement about his probable run for the country's presidency in 2010.
His detractors claim that he is not competent enough to be president as evidenced by what is happening in Pamapnag under his stewardship.
I have been lukewarm to this idea since last yar.
However, because of what the gov's detractors have said, I am now inclined to believe that Among Ed might really be the man we need to be president of the Philippines in 2010!

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