Tuesday, May 26, 2009


By Red Reyes

Everyday, we watch on television, we hear from radios and read from newspapers the continuous news of corruption of some politicians. We taxpayers pay for the salaries of these lawmakers to make our country the best place to live. To help them perform their job well, they receive yearly, hundred millions of pesos as their pork barrel.

So, What happen ? Instead of doing their job and fulfill their purpose in uplifting the lives of Filipinos, many of these traditional politicians spend their time and efforts to investigate corruptions. They accuse each other and yet no one is convicted in spite of these massive corruptions. We are fed up with all the hearings and reading everyday the stealing of multi million pesos from the nation's coffers . As a result of rampant corruption, the poor become poorer and the TRAPOS (traditional politicians) are ever increasing their assets everyday.

Why ? It is because we Filipinos were already trapped in the pit of despair of patronage politics. We were used to ask something from these politicians in exchange for our vote. In the midst of our difficulties and despair, traditional politicians are taking advantage of this situation by bribing us with their promises, favors or money so that they can grab positions or stay in power.

What to do ? The 2010 election, will be our only power to break all these nightmares. Our pen and our conscience are our most powerful tools to choose the right leaders to lead our country. We have to disregard and forget all these traditional politicians so we can stop all their selfish ambitions. We must look for leaders who practice good governance, transparency and accountability. God fearing people are the most sincere and qualified for these criteria.

We invite all Filipinos, especially the youth, to register and vote in 2010 for our the sake of our future and the next generation.

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