Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MISSING THE ACTION by: Kiko Ortelano


We will never have a president like her. (We also hope and pray that we will never have a president like the one that we currently have for the sake of our children and our children's children). Former president Cory is the epitome of a god-fearing, law-abiding national leader. Her principled stand on a lot of national matters will attest to her steel nerves. Her gutsy fight against her current medical condition is an inspiration to all the people of the world.

She also did well in raising her children. Her youngest may have fallen a few times during her younger years, but she has recovered very well from this too. Never did any one of Cory's (and the late NINOY) children were ever abusive because of their political and/or economic clout. Sadly, we can not say this of a lot of former and current family members of politicians.

Let us all pray for her recovery. Let us also pray that not only she recovers, but also for her to live a lot longer so younger generations of Filipinos will continue to see her as a living inspiration to us al.


Among Ed Panlilio basically has one year left in his current term as Governor of Pampanga. Contrary to the claims of a lot of his critics, the governor has achieved a lot in his almost two years stay at the capitol. He has instituted pioneering activities that was never done by his predecessors. He has shown to the world that having no party affiliations, no Guns, Goons, and Golds can propel you to a high elective position. He has also created an atmosphere of free speech in the province that was never before seen.

Unfortunately, he could have done more.

He has also made a few poor decisions in his choices of his internal team. He should look at the Arts, Culture and Tourism department now. This can show him where he made mistakes and how he can correct them. The Pamisaupan office is another one. KASAUP has provided him an initial list of recommendations on how to maximize the benefits of this office, and it seems that nothing is being done about it as we write this.

There is also a failure on his part to fully implement the second part of his avowed advocacies when he was campaigning in 2007; RESPONSIBLE CITIZENSHIP. He might be trying to really do something about this but it seems that he is not able to "sell" this advocacy to our Kabalens including those in his internal team.

Time is running out.

Right now, the common perception among many of our Kabalens about the legacy that he might be leaving behind this term is his failure to unite the Kapampangans, the wasted opportunities to fully utilize the gains of the quarry collections, and his seeming lack of decisiveness to act on crucial matters affecting the province.

This may not be fully accurate, but when there is smoke, there is. . .

Luid ka!

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