Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MISSING THE ACTION by: Kiko Ortelano


We heard that PNP Col. Hawthorne Binag was assigned as PNP Provincial Director of Batangas. Is this true?

If it is true, this is another concrete example that DILG Secretary Puno, PNP PRO3 Director Leon Nilo Dela Cruz, the whole of PNP and Malacanang were indeed lying to us Kapampangans. They claimed that they can not grant the request of Governor Panlilio for the PNP to assign Col. Binag as the Provincial PNP Director for Pampanga as he was assigned to the PNP Moral Formation Program (?). Yet, for Col. Binag to be assigned in Batangas means that this administration, DILG, and the PNP are really bent on paralyzing Governor Panlilio in his fight against illegal gambling in Pampanga.

Another proof of this administration's perpetual dishonesty to the people of Pampanga is the inaction of the National Goverment, the DILG, and the PNP to stage an all out war against illegal numbers game, specifically in Pampanga. No less than PGMA has publicly ordered the DILG and PNP to act on this. To this day, the illegal numbers game is flourishing. No less than the princes of the Pampanga Catholic Church, Arcbishop Aniceto and Auxilliary Bishop Pablo David, had publicly stated this.


* * * * *

Everybody wants to run for President in 2010.

A lot of Presidentiables see 2010 as the year for opposition presidentiables because of the great mistrust that Filipinos have for the current administration.

But the opposition must be careful. We will not be surprised if some of the declared presidentiables are actually "dog soldiers" of the administration. They might be trojan horses sent to scatter the votes, confuse the voters, and muddle the political issues so in the end, the administration bet will win the election. This is actually very possible.

Among Ed is correct in his current position that he will only run for President if no one from the reform minded groups is able to come up with an acceptable and winnable bet.

But I think that Among Ed made a mistake when he stated that he might be running for either President or Vice President. This shows uncalled-for pragmatism. This also may mean indecision on his part which is a no-no in national politics. He must categorically state a sole aspiration so that when it is necessary, his leverage is not compromised.

Last Monday Among Ed attended the Leadership Forum sponsored by the Ateneo School of Goverment and ABS-CBN held at the Leong Hall at the Ateneo De Manila University. It was obvious who the political neophyte was among the five present presidentiables. Senators Gordon, Escudero, and Roxas were there together with Governor Panlilio and Defense Secreteary Teodoro. In my opinion, Among Ed came in a poor fourth in the way he presented himself and the manner he answered questions. Sen. Escudero was great in connecting with the audience of mostly young Ateneo students. Sen. Gordon did very well also and was also received warmly given the fact that he is a certified Blue Eagle. Sen. Roxas also did well and showed himself very firm on issues asked of all of them. Sec. Teodoro was actually good even as he seemed to be pulled down by his direct association with the GMA administration, notwithstanding the fact that he was able to convey some good attributes of the current administration.

The forum should be a learning experience for Among Ed. It should also be a barometer for Among Ed in gauging his sellability to the Filipino Electorate. It is still too early for him. Hopefully, it is not too late for him also.

* * * * *

In the last issue of this column, we mentioned two offices under the office of governor which we suggested he look into. We do not know if he already read our previous column or if he already did something about our recommendation.

We have been in contact on-line and personally with some Kapampangan youth the past few days. They reminded me that the Provincial Youth Council WAS NEVER RECONVENED since the departue of Tess Briones and its subsequent transfer to the PSWDO(?). We already lost last year's summer break and we seem to have also lost the current summer break in terms of empowering the Kapampangan Youth. Why?

I know that the governor may have too much on his plate right now. He does not have to do everything nor should the Provincial Adminstrator. They just need to provide the motivation and support and then DELEGATE! There is no doubt in our mind that our youth will pull through. This is part of the essence of EMPOWERMENT!


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Anonymous said...

There is no such a thing as a "immaculate perception" or a view from nowhere. Every comment or perception ay may pinagmumulan. It is precisely this reality that makes any honest opinion or prognosis limited. However, an MA or PhD can make someone feel that his/her perception has more weight in terms of "certainty". My point is simple, given the same viepoint or opinion makers when Among Ed launched his candidacy in Pampanga, they would have said the same, if not totally discouraged him from entering into the political arena. My point, which is as limited as anyone else' opinion is, recognizes this limitation and is VERY OPEN FOR SURPRISES. In this election, I guess we'll have more surprises in store than that already historical Pampanga extraordinary phenomenon. What I do believe, dealing with reality, even elections, are best dealth with, not with programs and models, but with humility, allowing reality to speak for itself. Especially when we are dealing with the freedom of the human will, and mind you, not only of one but of about 40 million (?) Filipinos.