Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MISSING THE ACTION by: Kiko Ortelano


The national government did nothing about the storming of the governor's office by the protesting quarry truckers and some former BALAS personnel.

It is irrelevant who is sitting at the governor's office. The fact that it was stormed by protesters should have triggered a reaction from the president. The PRESIDENT IS HEAD OF ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, opposition or not. The President is the BOSS of both the PNP Chief and the Secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Government. The PNP is in-charge of maintaining peace and order. It should not allow unlawful acts to happen, specially those that happen right in front of them. Unfortunately, they did just that when they allowed the anarchaic siege of the Pampanga Capitol last week. THE SIEGE WAS NOT JUST AN ASSAULT ON GOVERNOR PANLILIO, BUT THE VERY OFFICE THAT HE WAS TASKED BY THE KAPAMPANGANS TO REPRESENT. If the police can protect a President who is getting to be known as the most corrupt president of the country and whose term is questionable (because of election fraud as gleaned from the GARCI SCANDAL and more) because it is their duty to do so, the same protection should also be accorded to all other officials of our land.

He was never accused of graft and corruption. Yet the police never protected the office of the governor from the siege of the suddenly very daring quarry truckers and former BALAS personnel. WHERE WAS THIS DARING AND BRAVADO DURING THE TERM OF SOME FORMER PAMPANGA GOVERNORS WHO SEEMED TO HAVE CONVERTED THE PROVINCIAL QUARRY TREASURE INTO THEIR OWN PERSONAL BUSINESS ENTERPRISE?

These nincompoops in government are just providing additional fuel for the possible national candidacy of AMONG ED. One need not forget the protest votes generated by opposition senatoriables in the 2007 National Elections specially the case of Senator Trillanes.

Will Pampanga's loss be the Philippines' gain?

But I am digressing.

Let us all just allow the governor to work in peace and go back to doing his job without all of these unnecessary distractions.


We call him our SUPREMO in all reverence.

He was a true gentleman. A man of action.

He was an ideal government employee. He was the perfect comrade in civil society actions. He was a servant of the people and even more so, a servant of our LORD.

We knew all along that he was sick; terribly sick. But everytime that we have important meetings, sick or not, he was there. When discussions drift into midnights and early mornings, he was there and throwing his golden cents worth. When he speaks, everybody listens.

When we need to act, rain or shine, able or not, he was there.

He was the anchor of KASAUP in the troubled seas of Pampanga politics. He was the rainbow of the municipal coordinators for every cloud that cover the sunshines of our advocacies.



We grieve with the family and friends of Tang VIC.

We grieve for Pampanga.

We pray that Tang VIC is happier now that he can be with his beloved wife in the bossom and care of our FATHER.

We hope and pray that we can make him happier and prouder by continuing our advocacies for Good Governance and Responsible Citizenship.

We know, Tang Vic, will still guide us with his wisdom and prayers.

IDOL, e mu kami papaburen!


Cristy Torres said...

Mr. Kiko Ortelano, i am one of your avid fan readers. Im just wondering if how can i get acquainted with you. Are you residing in Pampanga? Your articles are so factual and it keeps us near to our province Pampanga. We hoop that your passion and love for Pampanga spread like wild fire and be cherished by Kapampangans.

KASAUP said...

Dear Cristy,

Thank you for your comments.

I am as Kapampangan as kamaru and burung asan. And yes i am residing in Pampanga.

I apologize for the late reply.

You can continue contacting me by commenting on my columns.

We hope that you can help spread our advocacies in Pampanga.

Mayap a aldo keka,

Kiko Ortelano