Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is There Hope For The Philippines?

By: Red Reyes

Many are saying that the Republic of the Philippines is hopeless
in achieving its glory. The problem lies not only in its corrupt leaders
but also in its the citizenry who have been trapped in its highly unfair
and grossly defective system of government. Majority of its masses
will quickly ask "What's in this for me”? Indeed, a great number of
them will choose leaders who can pay higher for their votes or, can
give greater favors for their personal interests.

As a result of these massive vote-buying, those who have been placed
in power and authority will be in an advantageous position of amassing
ill-gotten wealth from the nation's coffers , make and maintain their own
private army as well as enjoy the support of equally corrupt military
personnel who are within their monthly payroll. To this end, these
traditional and corrupt politicians will remain powerful and influential,
stronger and far richer. What is worse is that they will continue abusing
the rights of the Filipino people, especially the poor and underprivileged.

Within the series of recent historical events, the winds of change coming
from the high heavens direct our sights to the parting of dark clouds and
the gloriously bright appearing of the heavenly sun, signalling Dawning of

1. Among Eddie T. Panlilio is a humble and charitable priest of
Pampanga. He had no money, influence and political machinery
to run for a public office. But, similar to David, Among Ed won over,
not one, but two (2) giants - Governor Lapid, a Quarry Lord and Lilia
Pineda, the wife of alleged Jueteng Lord Bong Pineda. These two
giants have great influence in Malacanang. Their influence is strongly
incomparable with many leaders and politicians in the province of
Pampanga. However, due to the people's awakening and unity in the
fight against graft and corruption and the Crusade For Good Governance,
Governor Ed Panlilio is now leading and administering Good Governance
in the province of Pampanga.

2. Grace Padaca of Isabela was an ordinary radio announcer. Like Governor
Ed Panlilio, she had no money, power and political machinery. However,
like Governor Ed Panlilio, her Honesty and Integrity, won for her two (2)
consecutive terms as Governor of Isabela over the Dy family who had
reigned in her province for more than 30 years.

3, KASAUP was organised last year of 2008. Kasaup is an organization of
Municipal based Civil Society in the province of Pampanga to strengthen
the Crusade for Good Governance and Responsible Citizenship. They are
composed of people who willingly offered and sacrificed their time, talent,
energy and personal resources without looking for personal gains but
rather, to attain their common dream and vision of a better and corrupt-free
society, starting with the province of Pampanga and ultimately,
encompassing the entire country of the Philippines.

4. Kaya Natin!, founded in early 2008, is a national movement for Genuine
Good Governance and Ethical Leadership. Panlilio, Padaca and Robredo
are its founding members together with Keh, Mayor Sonia Lorenzo of
San Isidro , Nueva Ecija, and Ifugao Gov. Teodoro Baguilat Jr. Against
all odds, this movement is undauntedly pursuing, promoting and espousing
Good Governance and Ethical Leadership throughout the country, starting
in schools and campuses. As of this present time, this movement which is
propelled by its Deep Love For Country Under Almighty God's Banner of
Truth, Equality and Justice For All, is growing by leaps and bounds.

5. Jesus is Lord and Bangon Pilipinas, under the benevolent leadership of
Bro. Eddie Villanueva are offering their 101% support to the one who be
the Standard Bearer for this Crusade of Good and Godly Governance in
the coming 2010 Presidential Election.

6. Although some CBCP top officials, elected government officials and
concerned citizens who believe that Moral and Ethical Leadership are
the real solution to our country’s problem of corruption and moral
deterioration, have announced their support if Chief Justice Reynaldo
Puno, the great majority of God-fearing and righteous Filipinos
throughout the world clamour for and unanimously prefer the
nomination and candidacy of Governor Eddie Panlilio to the highest
office of the land in the coming 2010 Presidential Election, to lead the
Filipino Nation under a just system of Good and Godly Governance,
a Noble Crusade which this Man of God started.

7. Our relatives and friends as well as nationals of other nations from abroad
who firmly believe in this Noble Crusade started by Governor Ed Panlilio,
especially those in developed countries, have the Great and Burning Desire
to Fully Support him because they are seeing the Sweet Fruits of Good
Governance being enjoyed by their loved ones and friends in the Philippines.
They believe that under a Fair and Just System of Godly and Good
Governance in the Philippines, the Filipinos will likewise enjoy a better quality of life,
complete health care benefits and secured retirement pays.

Indeed, a lot of Filipinos are absolutely fed up with hopelessness,
what with all the false, unfulfilled promises of corrupt and traditional
politicians. Which is why this Noble Crusade For Good Governance
and Ethical Leadership is growing tremendously.

Filipinos are Longing and Clamouring for REAL AND GENUINE
CHANGE in our political system. Anyone who believe in this Noble crusade, let us keep STRONG, UNITED AND GET INVOLVED because the key to our success lies on our WISE AND DISCERNING ATTITUDE in choosing our true and great leaders especially in 2010.


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