Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MISSING THE ACTION by: Kiko Ortelano

Not Funny!

2009 for Governor Panlilio started with a BANG!

I was reading Sunstar Pampanga just now. I was monitoring write-ups about the action staged by some quarry truckers and former BALAS personnel. I was hoping i could get additional details from all sides.

The only thing I read about this unnecessary incident was the condemnation of the two nephews of the governor who tried to tear down a malicious banner (against their uncle, the governor). The side of the two nephews was not presented nor was the position of the governor on the issue. Talk about balance reporting.

Let us try to dissect what happened.

The quary truckers staged a mass action cum rally at the capitol. Obviously without a permit. This is not covered by the current legal tussle on the Arnedo Park being a Freedom Park as the truckers occupied areas outside of the park. WHY IS IT THAT THE POLICE DID NOTHING ABOUT THIS?

Former BALAS personnel were also reported to have stormed their way inside the governor's office. They did this by kicking the door open to the office of the governor. Anarchy was happening right inside the governor's office and WHERE WERE THE POLICE? It was a good thing that the governor's security were able to stop the attack.

The "attackers" then proceeded to the office of the Provincial Administrator. It was a good thing that the staff at the office of the PA were able to lock the doors to their office immediately. This prevented what could have been a very unpleasant misadventure to all those concerned. WHERE WERE THE POLICE?

Two nephews of the governor who are visiting from Canada were physically harmed by former BALAS personnel as they were trying to tear down posters of the protesting former BALAS boys. This is right in front of the Provincial Capitol building. WHERE WERE THE POLICE?

There are some obvious things that were presented in this incident.

1. You can not expect the local media in Pampanga to be fair as far as the governor is concerned. Maybe this is because of the reported loss of payola to the local media when Among Ed assumed office at the Capitol.

2. You can not expect the other local political leaders of the province to condemn this illegal act by the quarry truckers and former BALAS personnel. They have forsaken the good of their constituents in everything related to the governor. They can do this most probably because they have the blessings of the powers that be.

3. You can not expect the police leadership to do their job. We have seen this. On their own, the police leadership in Pampanga would have done the right thing. They have not. Probably because of the powers that be.

This has never happened before. Even during the terms of father and son Lito and Mark Lapid, as governors of Pampanga, these never happened . Even when Vice Gov. Yeng Guiao denounced the corruption of the Lapid's specially in the quarry operations, this never happened. Even when a good number of the mayors of the province were already turning away from the Lapids because of this corruptions, this never happened.


May the President be awakened from her stupor! May the President spare the province of her father from her wrath against the governor! This is not doing the province any better.


I hope and pray the the church leaders from all denominations and sects rally against this despicable act and the more despicable inactions by all concerned specially the police.

I hope and pray that the most professional media practioners in the country, specially the few in Pampanga, rise up against this obvious concerted effort to bring down Among Ed as governor of Pampanga.

I hope and pray that the youth of the province realize their important role in all of this and do something about it!

I hope and pray that the civil society organizations of Pampanga run to the rescue of the OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR and the people of Pampanga.

Lastly, I hope and pray, that the people of Pampanga realize what is truly happening to their beloved province. Let these despicable acts inflame their hearts and burn the desire within them and show to the world that WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS!



Anonymous said...

No wonder why some people want to join the armed struggle in the mountain... GUMISING NA PO KAYO PLEASE! MAKIALAM! Kasalanan po ang hindi nakikialam pag nakakakita ng maling gawain ng iba especially kapag maraming tao ang apektado..pokat

Anonymous said...

with this kind of police force in the province, id rather invest in other nearby province where id feel more secured.

Anonymous said...

I am constantly following Pampanga news thru the local paper and I am dismayed by their biases in reporting, so I have to read between the lines. Good thing I got hold of your write ups...at least you keep the fire burning inside the people who are hoping for the change that we're waiting for so long time...keep up the good work!!!