Thursday, April 30, 2009

MISSING THE ACTION by: Kiko Ortelano


This administration of PGMA is really something!

The legal actions being taken against the NBN-ZTE whistle blower Jun Lozada may be viewed as non-partisan if you look at it myopically. However, a lot of questions beg for answers.

1. Why is it that up to now, no similar actions have been done to Former COMELEC Chairman Ben Abalos including everybody in COMELEC who were involved in that billion peso computer scam that was declared as patently illegal by the Supreme court?

2. Why is it that up to now, Joc-joc Bolante is scott-free after all the details that were exposed in the 728 million peso fertilizer scam?

3. Why is it that there had been no action on the reported billion peso Centennial Expo scam in Clark?

4. Why is it that there is still no action on the billion pesos Mega-dike scam?

5. Why is it that there is still no action on the billion peso Manila Bay Reclamation project scam?

6. Why is it that there is no action yet on the plunder case filed by governor Panlilio against alleged Jueteng Lord Bong Pineda at the Ombudsman? In relation to this, why is it that up to now, illegal numbers game continue to proliferate in our country?

7. Why are military officers involved in the 2004 presidential election scam being rewarded by PGMA with important posts in the government after their retirement?

Even a high school student will know the answers to these questions.

While we respect the view of a few that Jun Lozada should also go to jail for being part of corrupt practices before when he was in the government service, we disagree with this.

Jun Lozada has admitted his mistakes in the past. He may still be holding out a few items in declaring his past actions, but this should not be the focus when we look at his case.

The focus must absolutely be on the fact that Lozada chose to expose the NBN-ZTE scam. He could have chosen the easy part of just going along and be part of the greedy in government. He could have chosen to just shut his mouth so his family, specially his children, can continue living their "normal lives." This act of courage and heroism of Lozada saved our country about ten billion pesos that would have gone to the personal pockets of the greedy in government led by the conjugal pretenders in Malcanang.

Yet Lozada chose the narrow and righteous path.


Let us support Jun Lozada and all the others who expose the greediness and other devilish actions by everybody in government.


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Anonymous said...

balu yu.... minsan ena ku maniwala keng makanyan ing buri kong sabyan..kalupa ning gewa ng "jun lozada" in fairness kang lozada. i admire d man.. kaya mu ot makanyan. beligtaran de pa...ryt now dadanasan ko rin ing milyari kang jun lozada.. yaku pang marok.. aisip ku baka ining superior ku corrupt ya naman.