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Bishops: Prepare for new gov't, liberators coming

Prepare for a new government as liberators are just around the corner?

Five senior Catholic bishops, led by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines president, Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, came up with intriguing statements during a press conference held yesterday in Intramuros, seemingly giving out signals that the CBCP is now ready to support a people power revolt against the Arroyo government which the bishops condemned as corrupt.

Lagdameo said now is the time to prepare for a new government and made mention of liberators being close at hand, along with serendipity playing a major role in bringing about these change in government and radical reforms in government.

Asked by reporters whether the statement, seen as the strongest yet coming from the bishops, members of the CBCP that is known to reject the people in their fight against the Arroyo government, was a call for the people to come together and organize an ouster of President Arroyo, the CBCP president replied that the decision rests on the Filipino people, as to what course of action they want to take in moving to put in place the needed “radical reforms.”
“What is needed is for the Filipino people to unite behind what their (united) response will be. As we stated earlier (in a pastoral letter) we have called for communal discernment and communal action.”

But this communal move, was, however, also dashed by the CBCP, stressing that this did not mean for nation to stage people power.

Lagdameo now, however, says that “the time to rebuild our country economically, socially, politically is now. The time for moral regeneration is now. The time to conquer complacency, cynicism and apathy and to prove that we have become mature from our political disappointments is now. The time to prepare a new government is now.”

He and the four other bishops, however, failed to state how these radical reforms are to be implemented, but they did make mention that there is a need for “liberators” to reform the country and to make it whole again, adding that Filipinos should not lose hope that changing the present system is futile. “In spite of the seemingly hopeless and negative prognosis, our liberation may yet serendipitously happen. We are dreaming, praying and hoping that our county may yet have the needed liberators.”

Lagdameo said he hopes that the liberators “will in a courageous peaceful way effectively and uncompromisingly reform our country.”

Present in the forum were Lingayen Archbishop Oscar Cruz, Bataan Bishop Socrates Villegas, Masbate Bishop Joel Baylon and Bishop Emeritus Jose Sorra.
Villegas said their statements are intended to awake the public’s conscience to have a better country.

“We are not here to bring you peace. We are here to disturb you. I’m praying to God that after this meeting, may the Lord trouble you because the trouble that comes from the Lord is going to make you a better person and it’s going to make the country a better country,” he said.
Villegas urged the public “not to be passive” but to engage “in active involvement” in effecting a change in governance. He noted that curbing corruption by only half of its present level would immensely benefit the country. “The problem is not population, the problem is rampant corruption,” Villegas said.

Lagdameo noted that rampant corruption in government continues to grow despite the church leaders having condemned the corruption in government.

“In the past few years up to today, we have watched how corruption has become endemic, massive, systemic and rampant in our politics. The faces and symptoms of corruption are overpriced projects, multi-billion scams of various kinds, election manipulations, anomalous transactions, bribery of both high and low, unsolved murders of media practitioners. Corruption is a social and moral cancer,” Lagdameo said, but stressed that he was not even speaking as the CBCP president, nor was he speaking for the body of bishops, saying his statements are those coming from of a bishop from Iloilo.

He also asked the people to stop being passive and apathetic, and for them to shed their cynicism.

Lingayen Archbishop, a critic of the Arroyo government, was clear in his statements to media that the corrupt can be found in MalacaƱang, and he noted the distinction of Mrs. Arroyo being the “most corrupt president” the country has ever had.

But he also said that the corruption committed under the Arroyo administration is something that cannot be dealt with by the human justice system.

“Corruption in such an extensive degree in the Philippines is a crime that cries to heaven for vengeance. Corruption in this country has become endemic, systemic, from top to bottom in government. Perhaps they may be given the punishment they deserve by the human justice system, but that’s not enough. Someone else—a higher authority— will punish them as they deserve,” said the former CBCP president.

Lagdameo in a statement said “as a consequences, corruption foremost in political election damages political legitimacy, integrity and competence. Corruption impedes economic development, worsens income inequity and poverty, endangers public order and safety. Corruption results in bureaucratic inefficiency and demoralization. Corruption begets bad politics, and bad politics begets further corruption”

Bishop Baylon who heads the Episcopal for youths cited an article which said “ in this country, we identify ourselves so easily with the victims of pickpockets or snatchers and throw these small time thieves to almost forever languish in prison. But when it comes to big-time crooks and public officials stealing billions upon billions of the people’s money, it takes forever to prove their crime. There is so much embarrassing hesitation and false respect to start mounting a campaign to show that corruption is worst form of crime, because it kills the common good, it kills the poor, it kills the country, it violates God’s commandments of ‘thou shall not steal, thou shall not kill”.
Bishop Borra sadi: “Is it any wonder that our country is tagged as the most corrupt in Asia and the 11th most corrupt among the 102 countries in the world, if we are not horrified, disgusted, exasperated and enraged by these realities, can we still say we love our country?’

Bishop Villegas said “ Who will pick up the broken, shattered pieces of our country, hurting from poverty and corruption, to make it whole again? In spite of the seemingly hopeless and negative prognosis, our liberation may yet serendipitously happen. We are dreaming, praying and hoping that our country may yet needed liberators, yes , liberators who will in a courageous peaceful way effectively and uncompromisingly reform our country,”

MalacaƱang, however, did not give much attention to the call of five bishops for the current government to prepare for a new government instrumental in averting the worsening corruption in the government.

According to Press Secretary Jesus Dureza, the five bishops are entitled to their opinion.
In a media briefing, Dureza stressed that the President, during the Cabinet meeting yesterday only discussed the emergency employment plan in the event of spillover of the global economic recession to the Philippines and the results of the Philippines participation to the 7th Asean Europe Meeting in Beijing, China.

With today’s call of the bishops, Dureza said that the bishops were just expressing their respective opinions on the government under President Arroyo. Pat C. Santos, Riza Recio and PNA

source: sent via Kapampangan Community Worldwide

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Florida Blanca Rejects Gov. Ed Recall

Florida Blanca, Pampanga - October 29, 2008, 8am, an estimated 1200 supporters of Gov. Ed Panlilio marched 1.5km from Megabyte School to the covered court infront of The Municipal Town Hall of Florida Blanca, Pampanga to show support to the governor and to make their voice heard against the Recall Petition made by Kambilan.
The rally was organized by SULONG FLORIDA BLANCA INC., a municipal civil society affiliate of KASAUP INC. headed by Mr. Eddie Ayen.
It was also supported by various pastors from the province such as Pastor Joel Cruz and Pastor Rommel Valejo, municipal coordinators of Kasaup Inc., Fr. Deo Galang, Vice Mayor Joerey Montemayor of Florida and the market vendors association of the municipality.
Among Ed was overwhelmed when he found out that the market vendors association of Florida were the one's who solicited for the snacks of the participants of the prayer rally. "Yung iba pinapangakuan para pumunta sa rally pero dito sa Florida, sila ang nagtulong tulong para lang magkatipon tipon tayo", Guv said.
During the program Vice Mayor Joerey Montemayor announced to the people of Florida all the projects and quarry shares that Gov. Ed Panlilio has implemented in their municipality, contrary to Mayor Guerrero's allegations that their municipality has not received any centavo from the Provincial Capitol.
One of the listeners even commented, " Balakusang mag resign ya i Mayor nung atin yang tinggap proyekto ing balen tamo menibat Kapitolyo, karakal pala!" he said.
Locals were astound hearing all the millions worth of quarry shares given to their barangays and municipality which were not being announced before by their leaders.
The gathering ended at 12 noon with a prayer both from the catholic church and the pastors from J.I.L.

Bro. Eddie Salutes Among Ed's Good & Godly Governance & Responsible Citizenship

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Among Gov's First Reaction on Recall last October 20, 2008

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MISSING THE ACTION by: Kiko Ortelano

I Ingkong ku ne kamua.

" Taksiapo mo Kiko!!! Ginamit me pamo ing lagyung Ortelano pa-inglis-inglis na ka man!!!"

"E naka mimimua Ingkong, eku naman laganasan ing pamag-inglis ku." Mimasmas yang bagya i ingkong at merimla ya buntuk.

"Siguru mayap ing sinulat mu, kaya mu uli ning eku a-intindyan, malyari mo dinan mu kung oras king pamanyulat mo?"

O ini i Ingkong ko.

Pilan na lang Presidente ning Pilipinas ding ikit ku. Inyang i Quirino, orinola ya mu a mibalitang gawa king guinto, pakuldasan da ne king pwesto. I Magsaysay naman, ya ing tutung kaluguran ding balanang Pilipino, kaya mu ene asadsad ing pamanungkulan na uli ning panga-aksidente na. Malinis yang menungkulan kaya mu balamu, asu de ding amerikano. I Garcia naman, uli ning ibat ya king pakakalulung kabiayan, ding pengari na at iya man, talaturu la karing eskwela. Inyang meging Presidente ya, masyado lang dakal ding pika-utangan ng lub, inya migsamantala inyang makapwesto na la. Ila pin ding amanuan yung cronies ngeni ciguru pero e da no man kasing garapal ding ngeni. Ing kabalen tamung Tatang Dadong, miki-kayapan ne man menungkulan. Inyang panaun na, ding pamilya na bawal lang magmolestiya king nanu mang gamit o bandi ning gobyerno. At uli ning delikadesa, inuna na ing dakal a serbisyong gobyerno karing aliwang lalawigan bayu ing Pampanga. Ing pakibat na karing magmaktol a kabalen tamu kanita, ken na kayung kaduang hapag. Kayamu ene mikaduanan ing kayang pamanungkulan. I Marcos naman melumud ya king geuian ning makapwesto. Semantalanan ng husto at ena ne buring bili ing poder. Menabusu ya pa at ginamit neng husto ing militar. Inya angga ngeni, balamu litu ya pa ing militar nung nanu ing talagang dapat ng pagobran. I Cory naman, wapin ala yang bitasang beluan keng milagrong binie ning Guinu tamu kaya king kapamilatan ning payapang pamagaklas ding tao. Pero emu atawaran ing ambag na lalu na king pamanyubli ning karapatan ning pilipino a sinupil ng Marcos. I Ramos mayap ya sana, pero masyado ya naman minasa karing kayabe na king militar. I Erap naman, gewa neng bisyo ing Malacanang.

I Gloria naman ngeni, TAKSYAPO na! Dakal na masyado ing sinabi na pekamadinat ya pamanungkulan king palasyo ning Malacanang. At iti akakit tamu. Makarine ya!

Ing kebagsak ng Erap ing JUETENG. Pero i Gloria ngeni ya naman ing makinabang. Maski na ing maina isip, akit ng masala iti. Maski nanung tanggi ing gawan na pati na ding kapulisan na, lalu pang meragul ing JUETENG king pamanungkulan na. Ing makadiri pa, keti mismo king Pampanga, atlung beses patingapun ing bola at mesakit ya pa uling tikyan dala ding numero king Small Town Lottery. Ta nung tutu yang ating masabal, ini mu man sanang lalawigan na, palto na alang jueteng. Pero ali! Garapal la talaga.

Isipan yu namu nung makananu ya kakalulu ing Pilipinas, pero ing pekamal a megawang dalan buong yatu tiu ya keti, ing Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard king Manila Reclamation. Metung man karing opisyales ng Gloria ala man midalum mu man kaniti. O ing tren naman papunta king Clark a North Rail. King eda pibulad-bulad, mekatatlu neng doble mitas ing presyo na niti pero anti mong ala karela. O ita pang NBN-ZTE deal! Ngeni mekauli ne i Bolante, palual da kaya ing mabuluk a bulate da? Ing dakal a smuggling king Subic, lalu na ding miyayaliwang saken a mal, king isip yu ba malyari ing bulgarang dapat a ini nung alang basbas ibat king matas? Balu yu bang pete de itang Reporter a mekatuklas king Fertilizer scam? Akalinguan tamu ba ing pamamudmod dang pera karing manungkulan ban saluan da ing karelang LOYALTY? Ewari inya gagawan da ing anggang agyu da at pisaup-saup da ne ngan talaga i gobernador Panlilio uling petunayan na na iya EDe Asali! Maski na nanung tanggi at pamandayu ing gawan da ding alipores ng GLORIA, eda asalikut ing gagawan da kang Panlilio. Potang i GLORIA yang impeach da antimon ngeni, agad dang sabyan, panayan ye ing 2010. Pero keti Pampanga baligtad ing gagawan da. Eda ne apanayan ing 2010! Ing masakit tanggapan, i GLORIA patanggal de uli ning anggang kapanakawan at katiwalian! I Panlilio naman ala la ni singko man halagang katiwalian a sasangkan!

Pota akalinguan yu ne i GARCI. King buong isip at panamdam ku, talagang pirayit de mu i Fernando Poe! Wa tutu pin artista ya mu, lalu na at anti ne mong kapatad i Erap a mekulung uli ning katiwalian lalu na ing pamananggap PAYOLA king jueteng. Pero ngeni ikit ta naman nung nanu ing pindapat ning ECONOMIST a mikamatas a pegaralan ibat king IVY LEAGUE a eskuwela king Amerika. Balamu mo wari, ing pegaralan da karin ing pamagloku karing memalen at kapanakawan king kaban ning gobyerno?

Masakit mu ing manula. Pero nung misip tamu banayad, baka nung i Poe yang linukluk a presidente tamu inyang 2004, baka e naman makanyan kalala ing mengpalyaring kaiwalian king Pilipinas. Pwede rin naman na mas malala pero iti eku panualan uli na pin na ene man megaral husto i Poe at enana siguru agyung isipan ing masalimuot a pamangurakot king gobyerno.

"Ingkong painawa ka pa mu saguli. Mitas na ka presyun king mua mu king simbitla mu."

"Pupusan ku ne Kiko."

Alang aliwang makatulid king anggang baluktut a malilyari ngeni nung e itamu mu naman. Dapat alang patugot ing kamulatan at kasipagan a mamarap king anggang e mayap a dapat. Sana itamu mikakatutuan ing pangadi tamu. Sana ding pamuntuk ding miyayaliwang pisamban apigume da at tanggapan nung ninu talaga ding salot ning kekatamung balen. Antimurin karing manungkulan. Itamung memalen etana padal karing pulitikong makasarili maski na kapatad tala pa, pengari, siping bale, kumpare o kakilala. Ing pamie da istung eleksyon, panakawan da naman kekatamu potang manungkulan na la. Pakamalan talang tutu ding mapilan a tutung lulugud at magsilbi kekatamu. Diatk la pa, pero agyu talang parakalan nung tutu tamung tukayan ing tuturu ning GUINU tamu.

"Wapin Ingkong. Sana makiramdam lang tutu ding kabalen tamu."

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dinner Banquet for Good & Godly Governance

City of San Fernando, Pampanga - October 27, 2008, at around 5:30 pm, J.I.L Pampanga hosted a simple Dinner Banquet for Good & Godly Governance & Responsible Citizenry at the Party Land Restaurant, Dolores, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

Chapters of J.I.L Pampanga, PCMC headed by Pastor Joy Pongco, K.P.D, Concern, Vice Mayor Norman Lacson of Magalang, Vice Mayor of Florida Blanca, councilors from several municipalities, siblings of Gov. Ed Panlilio, Kasaup municipal coordinators and Bishop Eddie C. Villanueva attended the said banquet.

The program started by recognition of visitors followed by a simple dinner, short messages from guests and an open forum wherein Bro. Eddie Villanueva and Among Ed Panlilio will answer questions.

In Bishop Eddie Villanueva's message, he stated that Good and Godly Governance and Responsible Citizenry can only be acquired if Jesus and his words are present.

He also clarified the circulating gossips of the possibility of him runnning for the presidency in 2010. Villanueva said that for now it is not one of his priorities but if it is the will of God, he will follow.

But incase Gov. Ed Panlilio runs for higher office, he will give his whole support to him. Good visionary leaders are hard to find these days, he added.

Gov. Ed's battle is a fight between good and evil, that's why im wondering why some religious leaders are not supporting him, Villanueva said.

The occasion ended with the blessing of Among Ed Panlilio by bishop Eddie Villanueva and prayers for the continous progress of Pampanga.

Above photo shows Bishop Eddie Villanueva, Gov. Ed Panlilio and Kasaup Inc. municipal coordinators.

Guv files for dismissal of recall petition

Manila, Philippines - October 27, 2008, Pampanga Governor. Eddie T. Panlilio files for dismissal of the recall petition filed against him at the COMELEC Manila by the group called KAMBILAN headed by Mr. Rosve Henson.

Gov. Ed was accompanied by his attornies namely Atty. Macalintal, Atty. Francisco, Atty. Sixto Brillantes and several members of Kasaup Inc.

Rosales cries foul on Panlilio recall

MANILA, October 20, 2008—Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales cried foul on efforts to unseat Catholic priest-turned Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio.
Rosales said the recall petition against Panlilio is apparently backed by politicians who are affected by reforms being initiated by the governor.
“These are politicians talking. A person who wants to initiate reforms is always put at a disadvantage. These people who did that, maybe they want to go back to their old ways,” he said.
But the archbishop said the ones who could really attest on this matter are the people of Pampanga themselves.
Rosales als advised the beleaguered governor not to be discouraged by challenges he is currently facing.
“I told him to be good and that I’m praying for him,” said Rosales. “If a person strives to be good, he will overcome evil in the long run. It’ always like that.”
Last week, allies of Lilia Pineda, whom Panlilio beat in the 2007 gubernatorial race, filed a petition before the Commission on Elections (Comelec) for a recall election. (CBCPNews)

Sunday, October 26, 2008


BETIS, PAMPANGA - Above photo shows the recent Press Conference of People's Crusade for Pampanga held at Bahay Ugnayan Betis, Pampanga. An alliance of multi sectoral organizations in Pampanga who promotes the advocacy for Good Governance in the province.

Some of the member organizations were P.C.M.C, Couple's for Christ, Kasaup Inc., Concern, K.P.D, Farmer's Association San Luis Chapter, J.I.L Pampanga, CIBAC, Bangon Pilipinas and Alyansang Makabayan.

Saturday, October 25, 2008



Kailanman ay hindi pahihintulutan ng kasalukuyang umiiral na trdisyunal at elistang pulitika ang pag-iral ng pulitikang nagdadala ng Good Governance sapagkat bumabangga ito sa interes ng iilang nasa poder ng kapangyarihan.

Minsan na nating pinakita ang ating pagkakaisa nang iguhit natin ang ating kapasyahan nang iluklok natin si Among Ed upang pangunahan ang pagsusulong ng isang tapat at tunay na paggogobyernong nagsisilbi sa mamamayan. Ito ay isang paninindigang nais nating maipatupad para sa kapakanan ng mas nakararami.

Ngunit ang tunay at tapat na paggogobyerno na ninanais ng mamamayan ay walang puwang at hindi bibigyan ng puwang ng iilang makapangyarihan sa ating lipunan na nahirati at nakikinabang sa tradisyunal at elistang pulitikang pinanggagalingan ng matinding korapsyon at pagsasamantala.

Ang nagaganap na RECALL at ang sistematikong panggigipit ng Sangguniang Panlalawigan sa budget ng Gobernador ay bahagi ng buong paketeng pagwasak hanggang sa tuluyang pagpapabagsak sa representatibo nating si Among Ed at sa banding huli ay pagwasak sa mga tagumpay ng mamamayan.

WAG TAYONG MAGPALINLANG!!! Sa likod ng kaganapang ito ay may mga pwersang nagmamaniobra para tiyakin mapapangalagaan nila ang kanilang mga interes na nasagasaan nang sugpuin ni Among Ed ang korapsyon. Wag din nating kalimutan na sa likod ng kaganapan nito ay may tuwiran o di-tuwirang kinalaman at basbas ang Malakanyang. Hindi kailanman patatawarin ni GMA ang pag expose ni AmongEd sa P500,000 na payola na binigay sa kanya sa gitna ng ZTE scandal. Lalo lamang nagpapakita ito na hindi kailanman mapanghahawakan ni GMA si Among Ed lalo na sa panahong kailangan ni GMA ang Pampanga bilang balwarteng matatawag nyang kanya.

Napakataba ng lupa ng Pampanga para sa pagkukutsabahan sapagkat maging ang mga lokal na tradisyunal na pulitiko sa probinsya ay kaisa sa intensyon na pabagsakin si Among Ed para lamang pare-parehong matiyak ang kanilang interes.

Ang buong iskemang ito ay hindi lamang nakatuon kay Among Ed ngunit higit sa lahat ay tuwiran nitong sinasagkaan ang mga demokratikong tagumpay ng mamamayan. HINDI NATIN PAPAYAGAN ITO !






Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MISSING THE ACTION by: Kiko Ortelano

I will not be Missing in Action but will definitely MISS THE ACTION. I am a bit embarrassed by leaving at this time; now that the very little we have achieved for Good Governance and Responsible Citizenship is under siege. Urgent personal matters need to be attended to.

It is for this reason that I am now officially starting this column. I hope to publish this at least weekly; or more often if necessary. I may not be physically present in Pampanga, but you bloggers will definitely hear from me.


It started immediately upon the announcement of his candidacy. Among Ed Panlilio generated so much attention when he announced his candidacy for governor of Pampanga in the May 2007 National Elections. Finally, a non-traditional politician who advocated good governance and responsible citizenship. A nobody who dared to take head-on the jueteng and quarry lords. A novice who meant to do what he campaigned for.

The 3Gs of Philippine Politics were at their worst. Guns fell down one barangay chairman who switched allegiance and support to Among Ed when the latter filed his candidacy. Goons terrorized supporters and were forced to change addresses. Golds flowed down to every nook and cranny of the province. It was estimated that the campaign amount may have gone up to more than 500,000,000 pesos for one candidate alone. But these did not stop the multitude of Kapampangans and other Filipinos from providing support to Among Ed's Candidacy.

Two weeks into the campaign, Among Ed was getting nervous! Not for security concerns, but he was garnering so much support, he might win! Security was beefed-up. He was receiving threats to his life. He was really going to win. And he did.


The political foes of Among Ed will not take the loss sitting down. Some key events added to their resolve to make the term of Among Ed as governor a misery.

1. First was the immediate action of Among Ed to stop corruption at the capitol. Commissions from suppliers and contractors were stopped.

2. Second was the improvement of quarry collections. This meant the revenues of quarry operations were being remitted officially to the provincial coffers and not to other people's wallets.

3. Third was the improvement of services to the poor. Provincial district hospital operations were improved, medicine and other supplies procurement were regularized, equipment were purchased and sourced, buildings were added and/or renovated. Requested construction materials to repair/renovate dillapidated school buildings were distributed. PAMISAUPAN CARAVANs that brought services to the far-flung barangays of the province were conducted every three weeks. Etc..

This showed how much was not being done by previous provincial government officials.

4. Fourth was the expose on the money hand-outs in Malacanang.

The usurper in Malacanang could not believe it! Here comes the governor of her home province who will not play along the gods of the Pasig river! Here comes a neophyte who dare go against the norms and wishes of tradpols!

Something must be done about Among Ed. And boy did they start doing some things!


First was to mobilize everybody against the gov. The whole Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP), the Mayors, and down to all the barangay officials. They got the whole SP, all the mayors except Mayor Rodriguez of the city of San Fernando, and even some key prominent former supporters of the gov.

Second was to paralyze the governor by not participating in the programs of the governor. Next is the non-apparoval of the requested budgets. Then there were the floating of half-truths and lies that are meant to discredit the gov. The mobilization and full support to sacked former BALAS employees who are generally believed to have committed anomalies while working for the BALAS. The latest is the mobilization of all local government units to ensure the sufficient number of signatories for a Recall petition against the gov.

The most recent action of the SP to provide 25 million pesos for the Recall elections makes a lot us want to puke. This shows how insensitive the SP is to the plight of the Kapampangans. They have not acted on the budget for the Educational Assistance fund for almost three thousand youths for about six months and yet they will act immediately to fund a Recall!

The Pampanga Mayors League is also part of the grand scheme. The governor, through the Provincial Develipment Council (where the mayors are automatic members), have submitted the Provincial development plan and the SP is yet to act on it! The silence of the mayors on this issue, specially the overly talkative and ourageously out of line mayor Pelayo of Candaba, is deafening. It is their constituents who will miss the benefits of about five million pesos worth of infrastracture projects per municipality and they are not doing anything about it.


The embarrasment the gov has caused the president is unacceptable to the powers that be. This just shows how corrupt the national leadership is. Instead of providing full support to a governor who truly fights for righteousness in governance, they choose to prosecute him. They choose to let their local minions do the dirty job on the governor. Instead of ordering (even through silent whispers), the local leaders in Pampanga to work with the governor in the service of the Kapampangans, they let the dirty-doers call the shots.

Malacanang has repeatedly washed their hands on what is happening in Pampanga. But the people know better. GOD knows.


Filipinos have short memories. During elections, these memories become shorter when the Golds, Goons, and Guns start wreaking havoc.

It is time for us to load up on our memories. Let us not forget the atrocities that the SP and the mayors have been doing to us these past sixteen months and the next twenty. Let us not forget who they have forsaken for their personal sake and for the sake of the usurper in Malacanang.

Let us not forget our Kabalens who continue our struggle for righteous governance. Let us not forget our role as responsible citizens of this glorious Kapampangan race.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Another vice mayor oposes recall vs Panlilio

By Jovi T. De Leon
First Posted at

FLORIDABLANCA Vice Mayor Joe Rey Montemayor is not in favor of the recall petition against Governor Eddie Panlilio.

This, as the Vice Mayors' League (VML) in Pampanga continued its neutrality over the issues of recall and call for the resignation of Panlilio.

"I am speaking on my personal capacity, and not as a member of the VML," Montemayor said.

According to him, the recall move filed last October 15 by the Kapanalig at Kambilan ning Memalen Pampanga (Kambilan) will only result in more divisiveness in the province and the hampered delivery of basic services to the people.

Montemayor is the second vice mayor who had expressed his objection to the recall against Panlilio. Magalang Vice Mayor Norman Lacson also opposes the move.

Montemayor said Floridablanca Mayor Eduardo Guerrero respects his stand on the issue, even as the mayor had since the beginning supported the Kambilan-initiated move and the "yes to recall" stand of many members of the Pampanga Mayors' League (PML) led by staunch Panlilio oppositionist Mayor Jerry Pelayo of Candaba.

He even challenged Pelayo to run for governor, saying "it would make him know the true sentiments of the people regarding him."

Pelayo has been very critical of Panlilio's administration, criticizing the governor for his alleged incompetence and inability to act on the province's problems.

Last week, Guerrero also challenged Panlilio and his supporters regarding their claims that the Capitol chief executive had implemented several projects there.

A "Sulong Floridablanca" leader backing the governor and opposing the recall move had claimed on a local TV program that Panlilio was responsible for projects in the sugar and vote rich town.

On the other hand, Pelayo said he is not interested in the gubernatorial post.

He said that he would continue to serve his constituents in the region's catch basin and oversee the immediate implementation of much needed development programs there.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

AKBAYAN'S Manifesto of Support for Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio

The war being waged by the Pampanga Mayors League against Pampanga Governor Among Ed Panlilio should be called for what it truly is an attack against the gains of people power and good governance.

The mayors claim that Among Ed's `autocratic style of governance' failed to address the most pressing problems hounding the province, from solid waste management to access to clean water, a year after he took office. They likewise dismissed the revenues gained by the provincial government by curbing corruption in the collection of taxes from quarrying.

These allegations cannot be divorced from Among Ed's continuing effort to curb corruption in the province, the latest of which is the plunder case he filed against alleged gambling lord Rodolfo `Bong' Pineda. The case follows a Sandiganbayan verdict that states that it was through Bong Pineda that ex-President Joseph Estrada was able to amass millions of pesos from illegal gambling, making Pineda himself culpable for plunder. The plunder case against the jueteng lord, along with a new taxation policy on quarrying that has drastically reduced corruption, has made local trapos all the more desperate to unseat Among Ed.

In a province where well-entrenched political dynasties abuse their position in public office to accumulate economic wealth and political influence, Among Ed's anti-corruption measures must be hurting traditional politicians. That the interest of the Pampanga Mayors League intersects with Bong Pineda's - whose wife Lilia ran against Among Ed during the previous gubernatorial race and whose son Dennis is the incumbent mayor of Lubao, Pampanga - point to the real motive behind this so-called war against the Pampanga governor.

Among Ed's brand of politics marks a new turn for the province. Instead of concentrating power between and among local politicians, he is instituting good governance from below. He has actively sought the participation of people's organizations and NGOs in crafting and implementing the province's programs and projects. He is activating local institutions - the local health board, investment board and ecological board - precisely to put democracy in practice and to ensure that local institutions of governance and performing their duties.

This is the type of people power that should be replicated in other local communities. After his historic victory in an election marred by cheating and violence, Among Ed is practicing the kind of governance that marks a democratic society, one that is participatory, transparent, and accountable to the people.

Change in Pampanga would not happen overnight, especially with its long history of corruption and political violence. But the steps being taken by Among Ed is toward the right direction. We call on all Filipino citizens to support Among Ed and help transform Pampanga into a trapo-free province.

Pro, anti-recall rallies square off

By Jovi T. De Leon

CITY OF SAN FERNNADO -- The controversial Arnedo Park will be the site of two rallies Wednesday as pro-recall groups led by the Kapanalig at Kambilan Ning Memalen Pampanga and anti-recall supporters led by the Kasaup "square off."

Both groups will proclaim their respective positions on issues hounding embattled Governor Eddie Panlilio.

Kasaup members led by Vicky Tantoco have set up a stage with a canopy west of the park, facing the picket line of the protesting Biyaya A Luluguran At Sisikapan (Balas) members in preparation for what she said would be a well-attended prayer rally at 3 p.m. to show support for the priest-turned- governor and manifest their anti-recall sentiments.

At the other end, Kambilan has already pitched up a medium-sized tent in preparation for their rally there tomorrow morning.

A protesting Balas leader said the recall initiators would also set up their stage at the area where the two-month long protesting quarrymen erected platforms during their two recent rallies held September 17 and 22.

During the last Balas rally, members of Kambilan led by Rosve Henson joined the protesters and "borrowed" their stage for the signing of the recall petition by Advocacy for the Development of Central Luzon (ADCL) head Rene Romero and Candaba Mayor Jerry Pelayo.

Henson earlier said they will file the recall petition before the provincial office of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) here Wednesday. He said his group has gathered 220,000 verified signatures, more than enough to put the petition to true substance and form.

According to former Balas leader Edu de Leon, the possible square-off, morning or afternoon, "will be one spectacle" at the acclaimed freedom park, where he said, "the battle of numbers would now be seen."

Kasaup's Tantoco said they have invited all their members and supporters to be at Arnedo for this rally. On Sunday, the group converged at the Betis parish church for an early morning march and prayer rally attended by Panlilio and anti-recall proponents from the province.

The Kambilan rally on Wednesday, which is seen to set the spark for the filing of the recall petition, is expected to be attended by thousands of its supporters.

But de Leon and members of the protesting Balas were quick to note: "Could Kasaup have a permit? Or are they admitting that Arnedo is indeed a freedom park?"

PB okays P5.7-M budget

By Ian Ocampo Flora

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- The Provincial Board (PB) approved Tuesday P5.7-million supplemental budget for the maintenance and other operating expenditures of the Governor's Office.

The approved amount is about P8-million short of the original P13 million requested by Governor Eddie Panlilio.

The P5.7-million approved supplemental budget include "gasoline and lubricant" allotment.

To recall, Panlilio resorted to riding jeepneys and tricycles to and from work about two months ago after his office's fuel fund was depleted as a result of subsidizing the maintenance and operating expenses of the Biyaya a Luluguran at Sisikapan (Balas) task force and three other agencies attached to the Office of the Governor.

Vice Governor Joseller Guiao said that while Panlilio "has not fully justified" his request for supplemental budget, the PB found it "necessary" and "with a sense of urgency" to approve a portion of the requested amount.

"The P5.7 is just enough for the operation of the Governor's Office for three months before the year ends," Guaio said.

He added: "Despite the failure of the Governor's representatives to justify the entire supplemental budget, we are approving a portion of the proposed Supplemental Budget."

Guiao advised Panlilio to read the minutes of the PB hearings to be able to meet the justification needed by the PB.

The PB also discussed the Annual Development and Investment Plans for 2008.

However, before the proposed appropriations are approved, the PB is requiring Panlilio to "fully justify" and "provide detailed program of work" on how the budgets would be utilized.

Panlilio said he will be meeting with his team regarding the recent development.

The governor also said he might make another request to the PB for supplemental budget.

"We will see if the funds approve will meet our office requirements. I will be meeting with my team to discuss the issue," Panlilio said, adding that he will look into the requirements being asked by the PB.

The budget for the salaries of the active Balas members was deferred. PB members want leaders of the quarry task force to "justify" their budgetary request.

Guv: 'I'm not panicking, running away'

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- "I am not panicking. Look how relaxed we are," said Governor Eddie Panlilio.

He issued the statement amid reports that he "was in already in panic mode" because of the impending recall petition set to be filed against him by the Kapanalig at Kambilan Ning Memalen Pampanga (Kambilan) at the provincial office of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) here by the middle of this month.

Earlier, Kambilan President Rosve Henson reportedly said that Panlilio was "in panic mode" because of the more than 220,000 verified and validated signatures his group has gathered for the recall petition against the governor.

Earlier, Henson said they will file the petition on October 15 or earlier.

But Panlilio, over the weekend, reiterated his stand on the recall move against him, saying it is the constitutional right of Henson and his group to initiate and file such recall move. He said it as democratic process that he honors as this determine the state of his mandate as chief executive of the province.

In recent interviews with Sun.Star Pampanga, Panlilio said he was "calmly waiting" for the recall petition to be filed. "So, we will wait on October 15."

"This just shows that democracy is alive in Pampanga. This way, it is the people who will judge the mandate they gave me as a governor."

Panlilio also refuted reports that "he was again running away from the province's problems and seeking support elsewhere" on his current predicament.

The priest-turned- governor was in Iloilo two weeks ago for his continuing good governance talks. His detractors saw this as another stance to "run away" from the province's current state of affairs and seek the support of his colleagues regarding the looming recall elections before him.

His 'Kaya Natin' colleagues Harvey Keh of the Ateneo School of Government and Vice-Mayor Sonia Lorenzo of San Isidro, Nueva Ecija came to Pampanga last month to profess their support for the embattled governor.

Panlilio and the movement's other proponents have been going around school campuses to gain support for their good governance advocacies.

In September, Panlilio flew to the United States for a series of speaking engagements there upon the instance of Fil-Am group PamagCUSA which also financed his trip. He left behind a representative to attend a Provincial Board hearing on his request for a P13 million supplemental budget.

His detractors viewed these otherwise, saying "Panlilio was turning his back on the parochial problems of the province."

"No. We are not running away from the problems here in the Capitol. Like our other colleagues, I was invited by Fr. Gabby Reyes of Iloilo to talk on good governance, transparency and responsible citizenship before multi-sectoral groups in his place. Contrary to what my detractors say, I am not running away from issues here," the governor said.

Panlilio added: "We are facing all what they say are the problems in our province. We are still working and serving the people despite what other people are saying." (JTD)

Betis folks oppose recall

By Ian Ocampo Flora

GUAGUA -- Embattled Governor Eddie Panlilio has found comfort and support from his former parishioners in St. James Parish here during an anti-recall rally held at the Betis Covered Court over the weekend.

Around 700 people participated in the rally, which started at 7 a.m. along the control dike in Barangay San Miguel here last Sunday.

The rallyists marched to the covered court in front of the Betis Parish Church to express opposition against the recall petition initiated by the Kapanalig at Kambilan Ning Memalen Pampanga (Kambilan) against the priest-turned- governor.

The Kambilan launched its signature gathering early last month in a bid to gather 100,000 signatures to remove Panlilio from office.

But for the governor's supporters who joined the rally, the "loss of confidence" invoked by Kambilan against Panlilio is far from true.

"He (Panlilio) still has our trust and we still believe in him. The reason why we voted for him is to pursue the rule of good governance. All hardships and mistakes in his administration are still tolerable compared to other past officials in the same post," said Tess Rivera, a 40-year-old resident here.

Rivera, along with the local chapter of a senior citizens organization, said they would continue to defend Panlilio from critics and oppose any offers to sign the recall petition that has now been circulating in various barangays.

Rally organizer Banjo Serrano said Betis is the third leg of the pro-Panlilio rallies staged by different groups still loyal to Panlilio. Previously, anti-recall rallies were held in Magalang and San Luis towns.

"Betis is the place were the advocacy for good governance all started. Here is the place people held a vigil to wait for Panlilio's decision to run for governor. Now we are back where it all started and we see people still support him here," Serrano told media men.

The pro-Panlilio rallyists also signed the anti-recall petition papers. The signature drive was initiated by the Kasaup civil society group.

Kambilan president Rosve Henson has questioned the signatures being gathered by Kasaup.

"Where will they file their signatures? The recall is a constitutional exercise and we can file the signatures," Henson said.

Henson added that they will file their recall petition this mid-October after meeting "more than enough signatures."

Panlilio, who was present in the rally, told reporters he is not afraid of the recall petition against him.

"Let them file their petition. I am not afraid," Panlilio said, adding that more supporters will express their opposition to the recall.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Adopt-a-scholar' program launched

By Ian Ocampo Flora

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- While the Provincial Board (PB) is yet to act on the P20-million supplemental budget for the educational assistance to more than 2,900 scholars, Governor Eddie Panlilio, along with civil society group leaders, has launched Monday a scholarship funding drive to ensure the continuity of the provincial scholarship program.

Panlilio, who led the formal launching at the Executive House here, urged well-to-do Kapampangans to support the Adopt-A-Scholar program. He said they are launching the program while the PB deliberates on the budget for the scholars.

The governor lamented that while the PB is constantly asking for "justification" of the requested budget, the scholars of the province would have to carry the burden of paying for their tuition fees or the possibility of not being able to attend schooling.

"I don't know what the justification for this is because we've already given the requirements they asked for," Panlilio said.

He requested for a P30-million budget to provide educational assistance to the 2,900 scholars of the province.

At present, the province maintains three kinds of scholars. These are the valedictorian graduates from public schools who receive P10,000 each semester; presidents of the Provincial Youth Associations who receive P7,000; and indigent scholars each receiving P5,000 per semester.

The said fund for the scholarship program was included in the 2008 Annual Budget, which was not funded by the PB, according to Panlilio.

Panlilio has found an ally among some civil society groups like the Kasaup and other non-government organizations who donated P25,000 during the initial launch.

Patrick Pantaleon of de La Salle and supporters of Panlilio from Ateneo said they have collected around P60,000 from donors and will snow-ball the donation drive among their friends and relatives.

Pantaleon said they are willing to support the priest-turned- governor despite the crisscrossing calls for the latter's resignation and even in the face of a recall petition.

"It is difficult to find a governor like him (Panlilio). That is why we from La Salle and Ateneo support him fully in all the projects that he does," Pantaleon said.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Magalang, Pampanga rejects Recall Petition

MAGALANG, PAMPANGA - Oct 03, 2008, hundreds joined the prayer rally to reject the recall petition against Gov. Eddie T. Panlilio.

KASAUP Magalang Chapter, headed by Mr. Rey Rivera organized the said event. It was attended by multi-sectoral organizations, Jesus Is Lord Movement headed by Pastor Joel Cruz, Born Again Christians, Fr. Jake the parish priest of Magalang, Kasaup coordinators, Vice Mayor of Magalang and councils, Brgy. Captains of Magalang and councils, and youth organizations.

The people from the town of Magalang clearly showed that they still believe in the leadership of Gov. Ed Panlilio. His ouster or recall is not the answer to Pampanga's progress. The Kapampangans should unite for the betterment of the province and should set aside political interests.

The vice mayor announced to the people of Magalang that Among Ed is indeed implementing projects to the municipality contrary to the circulating gossips that the Governor has not done anything.

Almost all the members of the Local Government of Magalang attended the rally in suport for good governance in the province except the mayor. It is a first in Pampanga that local government leaders came together in one venue with the governor.

Among Ed was overwhelmed with the outcome of the rally, he also said that it is his first time since he became governor of Pampanga that he has sat down beside a vice mayor and councilors.

The "no to recall" signature petition was also launched that day and hundreds signed to reject the recall petition launched by Kambilan.

KASAUP San Luis Chapter Launched Rally to Support Good Governance

SAN LUIS, PAMPANGA - Last Sept 17, 2008, people from the town of San Luis marched to support Gov. Ed Panlilio's advocacy for Good Governance and Responsible Citizenship and rejects the Recall petition against him .

The rally was organized by KASAUP, San Luis Chapter headed by Mr. Arnel Manliclic. An estimated 500 participants from the said town and other delegates from other municipalities attended the said event.

The opening prayer was headed by Fr. Fernando David, parish priest of San Luis. He also said that the Kapampangans should unite for Good Governance in the province.

KASAUP also launched it's signature campaign "no to recall" as support to the governor. Mr. Victor Martin, chairman of KASAUP Candaba chapter also added that they already started the same campaign in their respective municipality.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Albay mayor decided about doing a 'Panlilio' Local officials see the move of Mayor de los Angeles of Sto.Domingo indicative of his ambition to be guv

By Manny T. Ugalde

LEGAZPI CITY: After courageously coming out exposing local rackets such as illegal gambling including in small-town lottery operation and the bankrupt Albay Electric Cooperative, a mayor said he will continue in his crusade saying he would do a "Panlilio"—in reference to Gov. Ed Panlilio of Pampanga.

Businessman and Mayor Celso de los Angeles of Sto. Domingo in Albay said Panlilio's efforts in exposing irregularities in his province has gotten the support of bishops despite of his unpopularity among local officials.

De los Angeles had bought a radio program a year ago where he started exposing anomalous local transactions at the bankrupt Albay Electric Cooperative which was recently acquired by the National Power Corp. for rehabilitation.

De los Angeles said the lottery operation in Albay which is the only one in Bicol and managed by Pacific Rim Corp. have allegedly been misappropriating the remittance intended for municipalities, cities and the province in collaboration with local officials.
Local officials have interpreted de los Angeles moves as indicative of the mayor's ambition to become governor.

Adding support to de los Angeles efforts in combating corruption, the diocese of Legazpi issued its latest pastoral letter condemning jueteng and other forms of illegal gambling, including lottery.

Bishop Lucilo Quiambao of the Legazpi diocese said lottery has no right to operate in Albay because of the church objection saying the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) had issued certification to the effect that lottery cannot operate in places where objection is open and mounting.

The provincial board approved the Albay lottery operation in 2005 during the time of Gov. Fernando Gonzales in a hope it would stop jueteng. With lottery, however, jueteng operation has worsened using lottery as front.

The bishop said lottery does not operate in other Bicol provinces because of vigilant objection from local officials and the church.

Lawyer Joel Descallar, president of Pacific Rim Corporation that operates lottery in Albay denied the mayor's allegations.

In Tabaco City, residents said it is jueteng that operates while lottery is only a front.
De los angeles said he had long challenged provincial board member Harold Imperial, chair of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Games and Amusement Committee to conduct an investigation saying he was willing to testify. But Imperial has never dared to call for an investigation, de los Angeles said.

Recently, Gov. Joey Salceda of Albay asked the provincial Philippine National Police command and the PCSO to stop the lottery operation following negative publicities.
Both, the local PCSO office and the lottery operator said lottery operation would stop only if there is an order to stop from PCSO-Manila

According to de los Angeles, his detractors have been sending him threats through text messages saying they also resorted in painting his dozens of rural banks as in collapse through publicity. He said all these would not stop him from doing a "Panlilio."