Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MISSING THE ACTION by: Kiko Ortelano


I am not referring to the folk song by a great american singing group. I am actually referring to KAMBILAN and the rest of the traditional politicians of Pampanga.

After an expected (and prayed and hoped for by a good number of Kapampangans) "technical defeat" of their RECALL petition against the governor, Pampanga TRADPOLS are now on to their other dirty tricks. Imagine damanding from Apung Ceto that they be given "equal PULPIT time" during Sunday Masses where the governor is invited to attend?!!

The Pampanga TRADPOLS, specially the the whole Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Pampanga, have, many times in the past, pronounced the governor as an ignoramous in governance not only on the functions of the governor but specially so of the role of the Legislative branch of the provincial government. They speak with so much bravado, that they want us to think that they not only have the experience, but also the intelligence to claim so. Joc-Joc may have run away with 728 million pesos, but the SP is an even bigger joke! Ha ha ha!

The downgrading of the salary grade levels of the BALAS boys from levels 5 and 7 to 1 by virtue of their "LEGISLATIVE ACTION" on the submitted provincial budget for 2008 is foremost in my mind. I HOPE THE OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR WILL PURSUE THIS ISSUE VIGOROUSLY BY FILING A CASE AGAINST THE SP with the Civil Service Commission.

Second is their dipping into the donations by a lot of well meaning groups and individuals to the Scholarship Fund drive of the Governor. Is it not enough that the SP not only intentionally sat on the budget request for the Educational Assistance Fund? Must they also hinder the distribution of the donated funds to most deserving Kapampangan youths? Very simply, the SP should just approve the requested Educational Assistance Fund Budget so that a lot more deserving Kapampangan youths can go back to college, INCLUDING THEIR NOMINEES.

Third is the SP's discussion and the initial provisioning of 25 million pesos for the Recall Petition against the Governor. It is a good thing that the Department of Budget Management was quick to tell the SP that what they were doing was AGAINST THE LAW! The SP should also criticize itself for not knowing how to perform their sworn duties and go all over town proclaiming their IGNORANCE similar to what they did to the Governor. I also hope the local Pampanga media can provide the same coverage to the SP when the latter shows to the world how ignorant they are in exceeding their responsibilities just so they can politically prosecute their governor.

KAMBILAN - now what?

Your gubernatorial candidate lost in the 2007 elections. By law, it is too early to campaign now. You may have found a way to campaign AGAINST the winning governor this early. Supporters of the Governor, however, used the opportunity to re-group, solidify their base, and fan the fire of the advocates for GOOD GOVERNANCE AND RESPONSIBLE CITIZENSHIP.

Unfortunately for some of those who supported the recall, specially the incumbent local officials, they may lose their next election fight if the Kapampangans will again rise up for the righteousness of their proud race.


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Anonymous said...

Desperado na sila! whahahaha!!!!
Gampanan nyo nalang ang mga tungkulin nyo sa mga naghalal sa inyo, hindi yung puro pagmamarunong at pagbibida bidang walang katuturan. Mahiya naman kayo sa mga kapampangan at lalo na sa buong mundo. Kayo rin ang mapapahiya sa huli , marami at matagal ang oras para bumawi kayo at makiisa sa nakakaganda ng bayan nyo. hindi pa huli ang lahat