Monday, September 29, 2008

"The Power of Insurgence" CORRUPTION etc.


CORRUPTION. How can concerned government agencies possibly treat this problemwhen our Non Corrupt Governor of Pampanga Among ed Panlilio, a member of"Kaya Natin" (Good Governance) movement is being grilled and pressuredsince day one as Governor and presently under petition (with pending recountpetition at SC) purportedly initiated by Kapanalig at Kambilan ning MemalenPampanga (Kambilan) for recall which was also pushed by most of the localofficials of Pampanga province, especially the mayors, board members and thevice governor.

KAMBILAN is headed by Engr. Rosve Henson, campaign manager of Ms. Lilia Pineda,a former board member who lost in the gubernatorial race last May 2007 election.

They set obstacles on his every way, put up hurdles to obstruct his program,and making life difficult for him. They could not wait for him to finish his term quietly.

So sad.

"Support Crusade for Good Governance and Responsible Citizenship"

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